Hardwell Opens Guestlist at the World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival to Educate 100,000 Children
Hardwell Opens Guestlist at the World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival to Educate 100,000 Children
by on 23.04.2017

In Dec 2015, DJ/producer Hardwell teamed up with India’s Guestlist4Good Social Enterprise and Mumbai-based non-profit organisation Magic Bus, to stage associated aid event that provided education for over 18,000 young and underprivileged kids living in India.

Working with the Magic Bus Programme, the World’s Biggest Guest List festival aims to bring positive social change in India, by kick-starting an educational revolution that helps navigate kids of the slums within the journey from childhood to support. The event aims to be a beacon of awareness and support, steering children towards a life with better skills and opportunities.

Now, in 2017, Hardwell has pledged to come back to Mumbai and headline the third day of the World’s Biggest Guestlist competition, with the ambitious task of educating an extra 100,000 young kids.

Talking regarding the target for the 2017 edition of the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List Festival’ and his project the United we are Foundation, Hardwell said: “In 2015 we have a tendency to helped place the spotlight on one thing that’s of great importance to the future of the many young kids living in Mumbai. the whole team were blown away by the response of the fans and sponsors that day however it felt like only the start of the journey. though we have a tendency to achieved, and excelled, with our donations goal, we have a tendency to all knew that a lot of cans be done. So, it’s for this reason we have a tendency to determined to travel back to India and create the goal even larger by going to educate 100,000 young children. And this point, I’ll be joined by a number of my biggest and best DJ friends who are helping us reach this aim.”

Fellow EDM sensation DJ David Guetta launched the same initiative back in 2016 titled Guetta4Good, wherever he played a show in aid of underprivileged children in India.

To get on the guestlist for ‘United we are by Hardwell’, fans should pre-register here.

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