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Top Essential Music Plugins You Should Grab In 2021

root | January 12, 2021
2021 Plugins

What does a plugin do?

In simple terms, the plugin helps you to add effects on any kind of sample. The plugin is the most useful tool to shape and edit your sample/sound in your desired way. Playing with plugins is really a fun part and most of the producers enjoy experimenting with it. Many known plugins are already covered many times but this time I will be covering very useful and most important plugins of 2021.

SoundToys 5

On the #1 position in my list is the Soundtoys 5 plugin bundle. It is extremely professional and gives you top-notch quality output. There are 21 collections of plugins in the Soundtoys 5 bundle. If I talk about the price, then I guess this one is much cheaper than other known plugin bundles. The Soundtoys 5 plugin bundle comes for only $500 which is an outstanding deal considering it includes 21 plugins. Also, don’t forget they usually have offers which can really benefit you to save your funds.

The very popular one from this plugin bundle is Echoboy. Which can stand on its own and many of them use the Echoboy plugin for the vocal effects. It emulates a very classic delay which is truly very clean and nice. There is also a trick that can get you Empirical labs Distressor non-linear effect for this you have to set the delay to nothing and style to Distressed and you will get the output.

Fabfilter total bundle

The second top plugin bundle in my list is the Fabfilter total bundle. I am using their plugin bundle for the last 5 years and it’s still one of the most used plugins of 2021 for me. If I talk about pricing then it’s a little costly but surely values for the money but if you are a student then you can have a 50% flat discount offer. So if you are studying in a college and want to buy this plugin bundle then surely go for the offer.  I personally love their interface which is really very attractive for me and of course, the sound output quality is top-notch.

There is a total of 14 plugins in this bundle and my favorite and top used one is Pro-Q3 (EQ), Pro-MB (Multi-band compressor) and Pro-L2 (Limiter). I’ve started using their demo plugins first and after getting satisfied I paid for it. Before purchasing any plugins you should always first try the demo version and purchase only after you are really satisfied with it.

Pros-Q3 is like a swiss army knife EQ. You can instantly check the spectrum of this plugin which is the best feature. No need to rout, side-chain, or add other plugins to compare the frequency. All the Fabfilter plugins are very user-friendly and you can’t go wrong with any of their product. If you don’t want to buy the whole bundle then got for a single one and once you have any of their product you will get a discount for their next product which is really cool.

Waves Gold Plugin Bundle

The 3rd plugin bundle in my list of 2021 is the Waves Gold Plugin Bundle. Waves are the industry’s most popular plugin bundle and it comes with 40 plugins. To be honest, without the waves plugin any project is impossible to produce. I have personally seen waves being used in the most popular studios in Los Angeles and of course all over the world. The price of this bundle is $800 and it totally worth it.

The only disappointing point is the outdated GUI that looks kinda 00’s. But quality-wise all their plugins are totally worth it. My favorite is H-comp that I use all the time and I guess for every instance. Apart from that I also like to use the flanger that is actually the top plugin in this bundle. GTR3 is also a great plugin to use on guitar and also on other synths. If you want to fatten a low end then I would recommend you to use MaxxBass which is also essential. Another special plugin in this bundle is PS22 Stereomaker that you should not forget to use on special elements. Each and every waves plugin have a special feature that you should experiment with by yourself.

These are a few of the waves plugins that are listed with their effects.

Vitamin – Bring out your music in a mix.
RenComp – Very easy classic compressor.
C4 Comp: Multiband Compressor amazing quality and works best
Doubler – Only for vocals.
Ultrapitch: Clean pitch effect.
Supertap: Use it to shape your delay effect.
S1 Imager: Easy to use the Stereo tool.

DMG Audio Plugin Bundle

The 4th plugin bundle in my list is the DMG Audio Plugin bundle, Basically, they don’t have any official bundle but you can get a good discount on every next plugin you purchase. They have a total of 6 plugins all of them are really good and 100% professional. To be honest I have been trying a lot of analog emulation for almost 2 years and finally, I can say there are only a few plugins that really worked for me. From them, one is DMG EQ.

There is no comparison of these plugins I have tested this with real API 550s and matching curves and they really did it. I have also tried this with waves emulation but this one is more powerful than waves. If you want the best quality output from these plugins then always keep the setting audio to the highest.

These are the top essential music plugins you should grab In 2021. Please note that don’t purchase any plugin before you use their trail or demo version. Also, don’t forget to keep track of plugin pages to get the discount offers.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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