How To Become A Ghost Producer
How To Become A Ghost Producer
by on 26.07.2018

A ghost producer is a person who produces or co-produces tracks for other artists, DJs or record labels in return for a flat fee. There’s a mutual agreement between both the parties i.e the ghost producer and the artist that the track will be released under the name of the artist and the original producer will remain anonymous. This is a systematic business chain among the variants of the music industry which is flourishing immensely. People want to opt for ghost production as their career but there are certain questions which often rise to them. For example, how to become a ghost producer, how much can a ghost producer earn in a month, is it a good option when considered career-wise.


Well, it surely is a great option. The live example of Marteen Vorwerk, the most paid and most famous EDM ghost producer makes it seem possible. One can easily learn ghost production with the help of services from a lot of tutorial websites online and videos on YouTube.

Music Production is a very cool job that gives you financial security and a path to follow your passion. If you work as a freelancer ghost producer, you can earn from $99 to $799 on an average, from a single track. If you get a tight hold in the industry, you can earn more than that and also you get an opportunity to work with big artists and record labels.

You can also choose to work as a ghostwriter for top singers in the industry. In circumstances, where you have the talent but lack monetary support to produce or make your own album, you can work as a ghost writer too.

The industry is wide and has multiple options for you. If you got the talent and capability, you are halfway there.

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