Big Artists And Djs Accused Of Using Ghost Producers
Big Artists And Djs Accused Of Using Ghost Producers
by on 03.08.2018

Artists And DJ Accused Of Using Ghost Producers

A Ghost Producer is an artist who anonymously produces tracks for the artists, DJs or their clients.There’s a mutual agreement between the artist and the ghost producer stating that the credit will be waived off from them and the track will be released under the name of the record brand or the artist hiring ghost producer. There are many artists and DJ accused of using ghost producers

The ghost producer gets a good amount of money for his job or gets credited in terms of royalties. There are a lot of artists who are passionate about their music and also want to earn from it. Ghost production is a suitable option for them as they can follow their passion and earn a stable living. Also, a lot of budding DJs are befitted by this. They can earn money to buy their equipment for DJing.
Some big artists have been accused of using ghost producers. Few think it’s alright and does not bother to indulge in such controversies whereas few choose to voice their opinion against accusers.

List of Artists And DJ Accused Of Using Ghost Producers

Back in 2015, a list was released on Twitter by a user @kloaked which had names of some famous artists who use ghost producers and also it had names of their respective ghost producers.
Out of which one was Carnage’s name. He repulsed the accusation and expressed via tweets that how devotedly he has been producing his own music since years. He tweeted that he has never used a ghost producer.
Tracing back to 2015, when Mat Zo went on a virtual rampage via Twitter against an artist using ghost producers, he made sure to indulge Diplo in it. The list released by the user cloaked had Diplo’s name as well. Mat Zo was in support of that list and accused Diplo of the same in his tweet.
To which Diplo replied, “2 ways a DJ can change the world.. 1 Make great music.. 2 Complain about other successful DJs. Oh, wait there’s only one.”
Electrokill.info reported that they have photos of leaked agreements between ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk and Josh Herman who is the manager of DVBBS, Borgeous, and Down with Webstar.
The contract photos clearly show the sale of tracks by Vorwerk to Herman for 30,000 Euro or 15,000 Euro per track. Whereas, Electrokill denies it.
EDM is a big industry and ghost production is a part of it. Artists produce music with a feeling attached to it and with a motto of composing some beautiful tracks for the listeners. So rather than accusing and building up against them, one can surely appreciate the piece of music.
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