Guide: How To Buy EDM Tracks
Guide: How To Buy EDM Tracks
by on 11.10.2019

Looking to buy an EDM track? How to buy EDM tracks and release it under your own name? Check out our platform to buy EDM tracks.

Need an EDM song?

How can I buy an EDM song?

How can I sell my EDM track?

Where to buy custom EDM songs?

What is the EDM song ghost?

Ever think that you could buy and release an EDM track? How to Become a famous DJ just by buying and releasing an unreleased track of other producers? Together with Your Ghost producers that dream can come true! We have tons of EDM ghost produced tracks on our platform, which you can buy and also release it under your name with a full copyright contract.

Need an EDM song?

Looking to buy a new song? Your Ghost Producers is here for you! Check out our platform and browse through tons of songs of various EDM genres, Like Future Bass, Trap, DubStep, BigRoom, Future House, Tropical House, Progressive House, Deep House, House, and also R&B. Select the right track which you want to release under your name. Buy it through simple steps.

How can I buy an EDM song?

After searching various tracks once you find the right ghost produced track to buy. Just put the track in the cart and apply coupons if you have. Click the payment button and buy the track. Once you download the track you will get all the stem files and also the original track on your registered email address. You can use the track however you want. Eg. release it under your own name, use it for video games, use it for youtube channel, TV-shows, Ads or anywhere. All tracks are with a 100% copyright contract. All tracks are exclusive and sold only once. Below are the steps on how to buy EDM track

Go to our platform yourghostproducers.com – Step 1 
buy edm tracks page

Select a track which you want to purchase and press add to cart button – Step 2
Select add to cart

Go on the checkout page and press proceed to checkout button – Step 3
buy tracks check out page

Put your billing details and then click on proceed to Paypal – Step 4
Your billing details
proceed to payment
Once you click on the Proceed to PayPal button you will be redirected to a PayPal payment page, where you need to pay the amount through PayPal.  After the payment is done you will get a successful payment email on your registered PayPal email address with files and further instructions.

How can I sell my EDM track?

Sell your unreleased EDM track at Your Ghost Producers.

Selling track on our platform is free, there is no charge to sell your track. If you think your produced EDM track is qualified to get uploaded on our platform. You can send your track to us. All submitted tracks are verified by our team and only approved if the track is eligible to sell.

Where can I buy custom EDM track

Want to know where can you buy an unreleased EDM track?  Register your account and start buying or selling EDM track

There are tons of platforms where anyone can buy and sell unreleased EDM ghost produced tracks or Order custom EDM Track. But our platform is perfect for both producers and artists. Any artist can jumpstart his/her DJing career at our platform.

We have a huge artist and producer database. Our platform help producers to get them to sell tracks, and artists to get the latest unreleased EDM tracks.

We have a large global audience consisting of a variety of professionals and we help you sell your music. Join the community and let us help you become a ghost producer, and get the most out of the platform!


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