Guid To Buy And Sell Ghost Produced Tracks
Guid To Buy And Sell Ghost Produced Tracks
by on 28.09.2018

Ghost Production refers to a slot of music which is created by an artist or a group of artists who will not be credited. The produced music is sold or distributed under another artist’s or musician’s name. It’s a business arrangement wherein the music producers compose a track for another artist who releases it under his/her own name. In return, ghost producers receive an income in the form of either royalty payments or a flat fee for their work.

There are multiple ways in which you can be a ghost producer without investing capital. There multiple websites offering free ghost production EDM tutorials. A lot of sites also offer option for free download of E-book that has a list of techniques of ghost production. You can watch a lot of free videos on YouTube that will teach you ghost production.

If you are very keen of this profession and want to make it a career option, you can sell them too. Generally, ghost produced music are charged a minimum amount of $99 which can go up to $999 or more depending on your work. Your work can help you gain a decent amount enough to buy you more equipment for your work. You can sell them on variety of websites.

Also, it’s a great deal for EDM ghost producer buyers. The artists and DJs face a lot of time constraint because of their hectic routine and lifestyle. So, for them buying ghost produced tracks is a convenient option.

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