Dash Berlin – The Ghost Production Trio
Dash Berlin – The Ghost Production Trio
by on 25.08.2018

Dash Berlin, formed it in 2006 built its fame right after Armin Van Burren played ‘Till the Sky Falls Down’ in his Universal Religion trance mix album. After this, Dash Berlin took a big flight in the EDM industry and the audience was ready to accept a new form of music.

Though Jeffrey Sutorious is the face of Dash Berlin, people usually neglect that there’s a clean arrangement of ghost production happening behind the scenes. Fans are amazed when they realize that Dash Berlin is not a solo individual but a band a band of three including Jeffrey.

Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn are the two poles behind the great success of Dash Berlin. Karberg and Molijn prefer doing behind the scenes production rather than be on stage. This fair arrangement makes it possible for the team to manage the tours and the production with utter perfection.

The duo never backs off from accepting that they have produced tracks for other DJs as well in the past. Also, in the case of Dash Berlin, two of its biggest hits which are Till the Sky Falls Down and Waiting, have very clearly mentioned that Kalberg and Molijn are its producers. Whereas there is no mentioning of Jeffrey’s name.

This arrangement keeps everything simplified. The duo, who prefers to avoid the limelight and focus on the production, gets to do that with no interruption. Whereas Jeffrey does what he is best at, entertain the crowd.

The trio has found their way to justify all of their passion. Dash Berlin is a big live example which proves that ghost production can work in the EDM industry with utter simplifications and no controversy.

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