Deadmau5 Deals with Various Technical Errors in a Row…
Deadmau5 Deals with Various Technical Errors in a Row…
by on 10.04.2017

Every artist has technical difficulties from time to time, and Deadmau5 isn’t any exception.

The carefully planned various Shows in a Row Tour is amazingly technologically advanced, however, that also suggests that there are a lot of possibilities for one thing to travel wrong. throughout his tour stop in Columbia, MD at Merriweather Post pavilion last night, his sound cut out double for a big amount of time

However, he handled it like a champ — giving comedic relief on the mic and even singing a tune for the crowd whereas his team got his system back up and running.

In the video below he reacts in the best method possible, “What the fuck?! I can’t believe that truly happened! hang on… this is often literally each technical musician’s worst fucking nightmare! however, I’ve learned to embrace such fuck ups!”

Watch the complete issue go down right here…

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