Deadmau5 Revealed the Iconic Led Helmet Is Back !!!
Deadmau5 Revealed the Iconic Led Helmet Is Back !!!
by on 27.04.2017

Renowned producer Deadmau5 released a series of tweets in the week confirming that his iconic LED helmet is back. whereas he’s still engaged on content and cues, fans will expect to examine the helmet in his upcoming shows. The producer additionally disclosed that there’s a “new, NEW” helmet within the works and therefore the current LED helmet is simply a temporary fix of the original.

Deadmau5 (also known as Joel Zimmerman) is one amongst the biggest names in the electronic and house music scene — and he also happens to be a major tech head. Recently, the Canadian producer another some spectacular new gear to his productions, within the style of a massive LED-covered cube and signature mau5head (that’s pronounced “mouse-head” just in case you could not guess). browse on when the break for AN exclusive check up on exactly what’s going on within the mind of deadmau5.
Deadmau5 fans get excited, as a result of his legendary LED head is back and already creating appearances throughout his various Shows during a Row tour!

After some fast programming work, Joel Zimmerman re-debuted it during round 1 of his Oakland shows…

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