Deep House Ghost Production
Deep House Ghost Production
by on 04.10.2018

Deep House

Deep House Ghost Production – One of the things you need to think of before getting into deep house ghost production is, what BPM track should you choose? Should you go with a vocal track or not? It’s crucial to choose high-quality tracks which engage with your fans and followers.


If you don’t have any idea about this then the best platform for you is Your Ghost Producers. Lack of experience is not the only reason for which you should choose Your Ghost Producers platform. Our highly organized deep house tracks gallery is really time-saving and reliable. We have 100+ deep house tracks for you to choose from.


Deep house is a sub-genre of house music. It originated within the 1980s,  fusing parts of Chicago house with then jazz-funk and touches of soul music. Deep house tracks typically have a tempo of between 100 to 125 bpm.


This kind of house music will typically have an acoustic feeling. Deep house is acknowledged for tempos usually from 100bpm-130bpm, spacious use of percussion parts, muted bass lines, soft keyboard sounds (pads), use of advanced chord structures, close mixes, and emotional vocals (if any). Lyrics are mostly heartwarming and soothing. The employment of vocals, especially of women, became common in deep house than in several different varieties of house music. Sonic qualities embody emotional vocals, slow and targeted pleasantly dissonant melodies, and a sleek, stylish trait. Deep house music seldom reaches a climax, however, lingers on as a cushy, hypnotic and reposeful sound.




We are an internationally established community of passionate ghost Producers known for our high-quality music production. Also, we have one of the largest libraries for deep house ghost production. if you’re looking to improve your current deep house projects, we offer affordable and quality music production services in the genre of your choice. We offer an affordable and unique selection of tracks for you. Our tracks are not limited to a single genre, we have our hands on every genre you name. The additional benefit is that you can always have a customized track for yourself of any genre you select. Choose your best that suits your affair from the exclusive range of Deep House Tracks available on our website.


With our strong vision that music outstretches to all, we want to share our journey with you.
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