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Diplo Accusing Of Zedd And David Guetta For Using Ghost Producers

root | August 29, 2019

Two major artists Diplo accusing of using ghost producers and coping tracks.

Thomas Wesley Pentz, Also very well known as Diplo. Co-Founder and Lead Member of Major Lazer and Jack U. Founder of Diplo an artist band and Mad Decent Record Label. It’s not the first time Diplo has accused an EDM producer of ripping off another artist’s music. He has been accusing many artists

Diplo Accuses Zedd

Diplo accused Zedd of using grey as a ghost producer.

It all started with a fan. A fan who said that Porter Robinson as helping hand for Zedd’s Clarity. Responding to fan Diplo says “the duo Grey has been ghost producing for Zedd for quite some time”. There are a lot’s of rumors from the globe now that Zedd uses Grey for ghost producing. Grey has worked for many of Zedd’s recent projects. According to me, I have seen many similarities in Zedd’s track which Grey also uses in his own production. I was going through with Zedd’s remix of DJ Snake’s and Bieber “Let Me Love You“.


If you hear the sounds which are used in this track is very incredibly stylistically similar to a Grey’s remix of Beautiful Now. Let Me Love by Zedd is released under Zedd’s name. Grey is also not even mentioned as a co-producer. So we can easily find from this track that this is not a Zedd style and Grey is ghost producing for Zedd for his many recent projects. Obviously, Zedd could just me imitating Grey’s style, but I feel like that would be next to impossible to do successfully. I’ve been wondering this since “Candyman” was released, but the new remix kinda convinced me that Zedd uses grey for ghost producing.


Diplo is not wrong. He is working in the EDM industry for ages now. Zedd has been accused by many other big DJ’s too including deadmau’5. The rumors are not confirmed yet but the fans have their own rights and they can figure out the truth behind Zedd’s tracks.

Diplo accusing Zedd of ripping off Australian artist Flume.

A well known Dj Diplo tweeted at Zedd with a link to the video that was released nearly a month ago On Monday (March 21), asking “wtf is this?” Diplo also accusing him of ripping off Flume, presumably due to the similarity between the song’s stuttered synth-driven drop and the Australian producer’s signature sound.


Diplo never said that the track is actually ghost produced. But copying a signature part from someone’s track is illegal and can get into trouble if the original producer files a case.

Diplo Accuses David Guetta

DJ Snake, Diplo slam David Guetta for worst version of ‘Lean On’

It all started when a new track of David Guetta featuring Zara Larsson released. As soon as the track release. Dj Snake started things up on Twitter,  then soon he deleted the tweets, with DJ Snake writing, 1. “You used to be a boss David…” 2. “fake ‘Lean On'” 3. “horrible.”

Then Diplo came into the scene (co-creator of ” Lean On” and a lead artist of Major Lazer) and fight against David Guetta. saying “U right Dj Snake I hope this kid realize we try to innovate and it’s easy for David Guetta to do whatever ina quest 4 relevancy”  Diplo also mentioned “DJ Snake you not above us David Guetta.

U cant rips us off and goes unnoticed… it’s a small community here…” Diplo’s also twitted, “I respect my elders but when they straight jack us it’s clapback season,” Guetta never responds to the question. Guetta has yet to respond to the accusations.

It seems like Diplo don’t like someone who is using ghost producers or someone who coping tracks. But there are also rumors that Diplo and Skrillex have ghost produced for stars like Madonna, Nicky Minaj, Justine Bieber and etc. and there are also rumors that Diplo uses ghost producers

Written by root


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