DJing Now Counts As Secondary Education In The UK
DJing Now Counts As Secondary Education In The UK
by on 23.06.2018
DJing is now a part of the UK curriculum

How cool is it to learn DJing in school? It is possible to learn DJing as a part of your General Certificate of Secondary Education in the UK. Its an opportunity for the budding DJs to learn spinning along with their academical curriculum. According to BBC, this has become possible because decks are now recognized as formal instruments by examination boards.

Professional DJs and instructors Austen and Scott Smart are going to lead the course’s of DJ curriculum. It seems students have been connecting well with it. After holding a feedback session with students, it has been observed by the institutions that the students are coping up well with their academics after having DJing as a creative outlet.
The institutions are covering all the aspects and variety of genres in the course. By the end, the students will be well prepared to pursue DJing as a serious career option.
The main motto behind this is to provide a genuine opportunity to the youth who aspire to be musicians, artists or DJ. One of the key focuses of the organisations is simply to get more young people into music, and in turn more students taking GCSE and A-Level Music.

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