Do EDM Producers In India Make Money?
Do EDM Producers In India Make Money?
by on 16.06.2018
Do EDM Producers in India make money?

It’s a unanimous question raised by the millennials and the upcoming artists in India. And the answer to that is a BIG YES! EDM producers in India are making really good money. Since past few years, EDM business has taken a big flight and is growing with an invincible speed.

Nucleya, Zaeden and KSHMR are the big live examples of the 21st century for growing EDM music in India. These artists perform gigs and concerts not just all over the country but also overseas. A humongous crowd of youth attend these gigs and concerts giving the artists a big source of income. They also collaborate with international artists or the new budding artists which again is a plus point for them.

When EDM producers Collab and get their tracks released, the label makes them earn a good amount. Also, most music producers in India earn by DJing as well. They play at cafes, clubs and parties. This helps them earn money and gain exposure
amongst the youth with a preference in EDM music.
EDM producers not only play at gigs and festivals but also hold workshops and Masterclasses across the nation. This not only gives them a good earning but also offers an opportunity to the budding DJs and music producers to gain knowledge about EDM. There have been multiple classes held by WIWEK, Zaeden, Nucleya, Lost Stories and other artists in Mumbai. Through these things, they ear a good sum of amount.
The scope of ghost production is also rising in India. Upcoming DJs prefer to begin their career with ghost production. They make their own tracks and sell them. The money they earn is used to buy the required equipment and studio gear. EDM producers turned into DJs also get the opportunity to play at Sunburn and open the concert for other big artists like Afro Jack, Martin Garrix.
The ground for EDM producers in India is wide open and they are utilizing it optimally. It’s not far that India will soon yield big EDM producers and DJ.

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