Famous Artists And Djs Who Use Ghost Production
Famous Artists And Djs Who Use Ghost Production
by on 30.07.2018

DJ’s Who Use Ghost Services

It’s no doubt that we all have heard some brilliant EDM tracks in the past few years and have enjoyed it to the core. Also, the artists have gained great heights with this music of theirs. But for a few years, there have been many reveals and allegations about these artists using ghost producers. On the basis of speculations and some proofs, there have been too many controversies about a few renowned artists.


We all are aware of the famous track ‘Clarity’ by Zedd which was a game-changer for his career. It had become the ultimate radio sensation after its release. There have been no solid proofs but certain debatable circumstances conclude that this track was made in collaboration with Porter Robinson whereas he wasn’t credited for the production. Tracing back to their ‘Poseidon Tour’, the two were rumored to collab. Porter later confirmed the same and also stated that I would feature ‘Crowd Sung Vocals’. That element was in ‘Clarity’ but they refuse to accept that they collaborated.


When Skrillex was interviewed by TMZ, the interviewer and the aspiring director Cody questioned him about hip-hop and the use of ghostwriters. In reply, he turned the conversation on Cody asking him about his aspirations. Skrillex gave a simple reply saying that one should follow their dreams and he has no objections regarding ghost production.

Steve Aoki

There was a list released by tuedm.com that contained the names of the artists who have used ghost producers or are still using ghost producers. Steve Aoki’s name was one of the same. Also, Mat Zo has mentioned his name in his virtual rant that went for too long on Twitter. Though there have never been solid cues about Steve Aoki using ghost producers.
Whatever it may be, now that artists are openly using ghost producers with the end goal to provide good music to the audience, it doesn’t seem to be any problem.

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