Can I get the custom track refund after the track is apporved

No. You can not get the refund after the track is approved by the customer.

Which methods are available for payments?

Bank transfer & PayPal (Bank transfer costs will be less for clients.) Our PayPal system allows Debit and Credit cards too.

Who or what is YourGhostProducers ?

Yourghostproducers is a Team consisting of many Talented Ghost Producers who make music credited to another person. It means that you’ll have rights to do whatever you want with your song or track. You’ll pay to a ghost producer once and you’ll get the track, stems, midi and all credits & rights for your composition

After purchasing a track through YourGhostProducers, can I ask for refund?

No you can not ask for refund if you purchased a ready-made track.

What i’ll get if i buy a ready-to-use track from your shop?

When you buy tracks from our shop what you’ll get?
– Purchased Track’s Unmastered WET stems
– Purchased Track’s WAV/MP3 Master file
– Purchased Track’s WAV/MP3 Unmaster file
– Purchased Track’s MIDI Files
– Purchased Track’s Contract that transfers 100% copyrights to you
If you have any questions regarding this service – send us a message using the contact form.

Does anybody know about our collaboration?

No, Never! We’ll completely forget what we did for clients, A real ghost .. !!!

Does the customer have full rights on the track?

Yes, you have %100 rights and royalties of the track, You can release it in any labels with your alias.

Does the buyer have royalties for the track?

Yes. Once a track is purchased through YourGhostProducers.com, the buyer maintains 100% royalties. Currently, we do not offer royalties for the producer unless specifically stated in a custom order.

Our project is strictly confidential! Will you keep it a secret?

Yes! Confidentiality is extremely important to us. We will never release any information about our clients or our clients tracks to other parties.

After purchasing a track through YourGhostProducers, can I sell the track?

Yes. You may sell the track through Beatport, iTunes, or any other music outlet you wish. You may release it on a label or any other means. You own the track 100% outright. Once the track is purchased you cannot ask for the refund.

Can my track be on my Soundcloud at the same time as YourGhostProducers ?

No. We cannot take tracks that are displayed ANYWHERE publicly. This is against our terms and conditions as it violates the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Can I tell anyone that I was the original producer of the track? – Updated

Yes. Once you purchase the track you will have full authority to tell that the song is produced by you.

Is each track sold only once?

Yes. Once a track is sold, it is removed from our website and will not be available for listening or purchase to the public.