+How should I start my custom order and what’s the process of working with you?
To start a custom order you need to fill a custom track form and submit us. Click on custom track tab and fill the form

+How much time does it take to finish custom production?
Usually, a minimum 5 days and maximum 14 days to complete a custom track

+Do you work with singers and songwriters? I want to have vocal in my track.
Yes, we do, Contact us for more details

+Which styles and genres you are working with?
We are a group of producers, we can work on any genre as per the requirement

+Can you work with my audio files (samples) or midi?
Yes, Ofcourse 

+I want my own track sounds like professional EDM track, could you help me?
Yes, We also have a co-production service. You can contact us for more details

+What is the difference between ordering co-creation and custom-made original track?
Co-creation means working on your track which is unfinished or finished.
We only accept the minimum amount of stems.

+May I have any influence on the production of my track?
YES! When you receive your first demo it’s the best time to give your feedback.
We will fix it and ask for the pending money only if you are satisfied.

+What the package will I get after the deal?
Stems (like Kick, Lead 1, Lead 2, Clap 1, Clap2, etc)
MIDI files (like bass, leads, pads, top melodies)
Final mixdown and master file in WAV 44.100kHz 16bit & MP3 320kbp/s
Contract with a non-disclosure agreement and full authorship and copyright transfer to you

+How do you deliver the files?
We use to deliver our files.
+Do you send the project files to your clients?
Yes it’s free in a custom track but if you are looking for a project file for a ready-made track then we need to confirm
from the producer first and if it’s available it will cost you extra $50

+Will I receive a contract for the project?

+Can I buy a track from your ‘Demos’ page?

+Do you have any discounts?
Yes, we regularly release discount coupons you can contact us if you want a coupon.

+Which payment options do you have?
The easiest and most popular way is PayPal.
You can use your PayPal balance or your credit card (such as Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and more).

+Is Is it safe to work with you? I don’t want to waste my money
Yes, its 100% safe, We are proving service from the last 5 years. Plus all the transactions
are passed through PayPal so its 100% Safe

+Can I refund a payment?
If you purchased a ready-made track you can not get a refund but we have a refund policy for custom tracks

+Why should I use your services?
We are active from last 5 years and sold thousands of ghost production tracks,
All our services are 100% Geniune and professional.

+Can you guarantee that my track will be signed to a certain label?
We can not but we will help you by giving 5000+ EDM Contacts for free. This includes all the record labels, radios, and A&R contacts

+I would like your producer to work with me in a studio, can I hire him?
Sure, in this case, you must pay transport and accommodation expenses alongside track’s price.

+I’m a producer and looking for a specific sound-design, remake or template. Do you have any resources or recommendations?