Future Bass Ghost Production
Future Bass Ghost Production
by on 04.10.2018

Future Bass Ghost Production

Future Bass Ghost Production – Future bass drops like dubstep and pulses like pop. Artists like Chainsmokers, Marshmello, and Flume are flourishing in this genre. Future bass plays with the drops of dubstep or trap, but mixes this with a bright and warm bounce – all bruteness is evaporated. The baselines are made of heavy, detuned synths. Future bass is a broad genre that evolved out of the post-dubstep movement.


Future Bass is an EDM genre that recently gained its popularity after it was officially introduced by Flume in 2013. Not many people know but since this genre was conceptualized by Flume, it was formerly named as Flume Step. In other words, it could be said that this genre is defined by Flume. He sort of laid a blueprint of Future Bass which is used by so many artists today. It was just 5 years back that Future Bass Ghost Production gained its weigh in the EDM industry.


The commencement of this genre was led when some anonymous producers were posting their music tracks on YouTube in the early 2010s. It somehow picked up its pace and became a hit. It was professionally featured by many artists like Flume, Marshmello, San Holo, Slushi, Odesza, Luis the Child and many more.


2016 was the year when Future Bass took off. Also the year Marshmello reached his milestone after releasing his debut album Joytime. Later in the year, when he debuted on Monstercat with his song “Alone” Future Bass genre gained an even bigger momentum and it’s going on till date.




Future Bass is one of the genres that received its acclamation sooner than any other genre. Who doesn’t love to rave at any future bass track? You can hear the tracks of this genre at concerts and clubs played by DJs or the artists like Illenium, RL Grime, Slushi, Nightmare and many more.


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