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What is a ghost producer?

A ghost producer is a completely anonymous professional, Who are hired by EDM Artists/DJs to create their original tracks, remixes, Mashup’s and also bootlegs, who eventually buy the rights of that creator’s work to release it as an original track. However, the ghost producer job is to provide the artist with tracks that they can use as their original tracks. While it is a great deal for those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. After that, there are many producers who create their own beats. But if you want your music to be best, you need to contact the best one for quality output.

This service can help an artist as well as a buyer. This can help artists in terms of focusing on other important things without bothering anything about the track and it also helps ghost producers in terms of earning a good amount of money without being in the spotlight and doing what they love to do. There are also air-tight contracts that prevent coming out of the original producer name and make the work full anonymous.

Are you looking for ghost producers? Or are you a ghost producer? 

With a few easy step’s you can become a seller of our music producer platform. Visit sell your tracks to become a seller. A lot of producers hesitate and don’t feel safe to send the ready-made tracks to any platform until they have trust in them. Your Ghost Producers is one of the leading and most safe platforms for sellers and buyers. We actually care about the artist and also the producer behind the top sounding tracks. Our payouts are super fast and our fess is super low.

Are you looking for a ghost producer?

Are you looking to buy a ready-made track? YGP Music is here for you. Browse through our fresh 1000+ tracks list and select a track that suits you the best. We have multiple genres and you can listen to each track’s full version without paying a cent. With just a few clicks you can order a ghost production service that fits you the best.

Are you looking to buy ghost produced tracks?

So let’s say you choose a track that fits your style and you are really looking forward to buying it. You may be thinking about what is the next step, right? It’s very easy you can directly add any amounts of the tracks in the cart and pay the amount. Once you finish the payment check your given email for the files of your purchase. Within a few minutes, you will receive the download link for your purchase.

How can I make money as an EDM ghost producer?

Simply sell your tracks here. We check each and every track through 5 different stages. For now, we only accept the electronic dance music tracks along with the few pop track. Each track first of all get verifies for the length, We do not accept tracks which are below 3 minutes. Then our also team checks if the track is listenable or not? After this, it goes under 3 quality check. So if you are a ghost producer don’t hesitate to give a try to be a part of our team.

How can I join as a ghost producer?

For joining our team there are only a few easy steps. Ghost producing is an easy way to learn and earn. It can also help you to start your career in the music industry. Let’s say you are a professional music producer, ghost producer or you are just interested in ghost producer EDM jobs simply send your tracks and be a part of our team.

Our platform is highly visited by many buyers across the globe. You can easily sell your music in a short time. Just help us to help you, by providing tracks you are helping us, and by selling the track we are helping you. So don’t worry, if you are a ghost producer feel free to submit your music.

Who and why uses ghost producers?

Ghost Producer is a mass concept with different sides of it still people are unaccepting it. It’s such a controversial business that the majority of people across the globe still haven’t made peace with the ghost producers. The ghost producers have divided the Music world into three fragments.

One that supports it, second that is against it, and third which only looks forward to their ears with some good music irrespective of who has produced. But there is still enough audience across the world who uses ghost producers for many reasons. Even some most popular DJs use this service due to lack of time and other factors.

Quality is always our top priority

We never accept someone as our producer just by looking at the number of tracks a producer is submitting. It’s always a matter of quality and how professional tracks sound for us. Our team always gives feedback to improve the track quality if the track doesn’t meet our standards. It’s very easy for professional producers to submit and be a ghost producer for our buyers.

Relationship between buyers and music producers

Buyers are the most important part of our platform. Being honest and keeping a professional relationship with them is our top priority. From clearing doubts, to make them feel comfortable about the product is the most important part of our work. Showing a clear view and also awarding them for their purchase makes them and us happy.

Our team is also very strict in regards to the scams. We use the top latest technology to scan each and every track before releasing it on our platform. Making sure that each track is unique and not released anywhere else is our everyday work.

How much a ghost producer gets to ghost produce?

We have a simple and easy selling strategy. We take a commission for each track that is sold. Our commission chart is simple that is 30-70. So 30% of the track profit is our commission for each sold track, while 70% of the profit is given to the producer. All the payouts are done through Paypal and through other mediums.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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