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Ghost Producer
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Know everything about Ghost Production – Your Ghost Producers

Your Ghost Producers – Ghost Production is a mass concept with different sides of it still people are unaccepting it. It’s such a controversial business that the majority of people across the globe still haven’t made peace with it.

Ghost Production service has divided the EDM world into three fragments.
One that supports Ghost Producer, second that is against it and third which only looks forward to their ears with some good music irrespective of who has produced.

Which part do you belong to? If you aren’t aware of it yet, we are going to take you through this. Throughout this article, you will learn What is ghost production is, Which are famous EDM ghost producers, Which famous tracks are ghost produced, How is ghost production career-wise and more.

What is Ghost Production?

Ghost Production is a service. when music is composed by an artist and released under the name of some other artist is called ghost production. In ghost production, the name of the original artist remains unknown but he gets rewarded in terms of royalty or monetarily. Sometimes, the ghost producer either composes the entire track or just helps with the composing, but does not get official credits for any of his work. Fellow these few easy steps to sell your track as a ghost producer.

Why does Ghost Producer exist?

This is arguably one of the biggest and most important questions that creates so much controversy around the subject. Why do people use ghost producers? This ask goes for both sides of the relationship – the artist hiring the producer, and the producer him or herself.

Most people do not really know why there’s a sector for ghost production. There are people who prefer being on stage and like to entertain the crowd with their energy. Whereas some people only like working in the studio because they feel that’s their forte and they leave the stage for performers.

Another big reason is, that famous artists and DJs have a frantic schedule. Since good music production requires hours and hours of undivided concentration, it becomes difficult for DJs to comply with that because of their shows, concerts, tours and other commitments. Hence, at such times the ghost producer helps them a lot. Getting off the workload and being able to do other important stuff, is a major reason why artists prefer using ghost producers.

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If they do not get credit for their work what is benefiting a ghost producer?

There are numberless people who are passionate about music and want to make a career out of it, just so they can afford a simple and contented lifestyle. Ghost Production is a profession that offers them this supremacy.

By ghost producing, an artist can follow his passion as well as afford a healthy lifestyle for himself. Such people aren’t hoggers for credit, but they are obliged when they see their tracks being performed on stage by big artists.

Ghost Producers get an extremely good amount. Some charge per track from $99 to $1999 which is very affordable, some charge per hour. Some prefer royalties. The payment truly depends on the job at hand.

Ghost Producers also have to keep in mind how well the track will do. They decide if they want an upfront stipend for the track and no royalties to follow, or they would rather assume the track is going to explode and collect a ton in royalties instead? Depending on these factors, a ghost producer can earn a great amount for this work.


How does Ghost Production work?

It’s a fact that not everybody is capable of doing everything. Serving a job in different sectors and handing it over to someone who’s best at it, will give a better final product than doing everything by yourself. That’s exactly how ghost production works.

The creation process depends on who you’re working with and payment also differs based on the ghost producer. You could have multiple collaborators/co-producers on one track or a single producer working and managing the whole track but when you hire a professional ghost production service you will get multiple ghost producers working on the single track and an individual manager managing the whole process between the ghost producer and artist.

Process of hiring a ghost producer and how much do they earn?

There are so many websites that offer a platform for DJ artists to find ghost producers. For instance, Your Ghost Producers offers the best services. The earning criteria of these ghost producers depend on the genre, the track they are producing. Pre-made dance music tracks via Ghost Production services tend to sell from $199-$999 depending on the genre and production quality. If ghost producers are customizing a track, then they earn around $300 to $1000 depending on the genre/style.

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Which artist use ghost producers?

No matter how good a DJ is at performing, they have to keep producing to stay relevant. But at times, some of them don’t know how to produce, or they don’t have enough time, or they just prefer to DJ and not actually produce.

Maybe they just want to focus on performing and fulfilling their other commitments and finishing their tours. But at the end of the day, they need to produce. And some people choose to go to the ghost producer route in order to do so.

There are some very popular DJs who have been using ghost production and their fans have been loving it. Below mentioned are some:

·        DVBBS: Earlier a contract went viral which showed a deal between the popular ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk and DVBBS. As per that contract, Maarten produced the two famous tracks, Stampede, and Tsunami for DVBBS. Later, the news came out that these tracks were topping the chart.
·        Hannah Wants: Back in 2016, Hannah Wants had fallen victim to a scandal about plagiarism. Her music ‘Found The Ground’ was accused of being copied when a similar video realized in 2013 went viral. Fans noticed that Hannah’s music had approximately the same beats as the track Mercy released in 2013 by Boddika/Joy Orbison.
·        Milli Vanilli: Long back a controversy was confirmed about Milli Vanilli using Frank Farian’s voice. After Frank confirmed the same to the press, Milli Vanilli had their 1990 Grammy Award for Best New Artist withdrawn.

Apart from these, artists like Steve Aoki, Tiesto, The Chainsmokers, DVLM and many more are rumored to be using ghost producers.

Which ghost producers are famous in the EDM industry?

There are many ghost producers in the EDM industry and also there are big artists who commenced their journey with ghost production. Martin Garrix is the most successful youngest DJ in the EDM industry and you should not be surprised to believe, that he began his career as a ghost producer.

Another big name that pops up when talking about ghost producers is Maarten Vorwerk. He has ghost produced tracks for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DVBBS, Danny Avila and Quintino. Another name is KSHMR who has ghost produced tracks for Borgeous, DVBBS, and Carnage. The list is huge and will never end.

If most EDM songs are “Ghost Produced”, what is the point of those artists making money?

Music Production is not a single-handed job. It requires a lot of effort from all different kinds of people. Here, too many cooks do not spoil the broth, rather make it the best. In the case of ghost producers, they made it, hence they get the amount for it. But just producing is not enough, it’s promotion, branding, marketing and execution is a whole different part which is unavoidable.

A ghost producer is not capable of it alone. That’s where the big artists, DJs, and record labels come into the picture. Both parties have their own reason and their own benefits of this profession. There are plenty of artists who just want to feed their creative buzzes, some just want to produce and some just want to perform. Its all done with mutual acceptance.

Controversies regarding ghost production in the EDM industry

Not everybody in the industry who is accused of using ghost producers is actually a ghost producer. And similar not everyone who claims to be his own producer is true. There are artists like Calvin Harris who refuse to accept that they have been using ghost producers. He is the most paid DJs for a few consecutive years and is one of the top-ranking producers.

Calvin Harris took it to Facebook to express his sentiments and stated that he has never used ghost producers. He said that he has always worked hard for his tracks. There are artists like him who like to keep their grounds clear whereas there are artists like Mat Zo who allegedly accuse big artists of using ghost producers. In his Twitter rant, he accused Tiesto, Diplo, Deadmau5 and Armin Van Buuren that they use ghost producers.

Controversies will go on and on, but the reality still remains the same. The ultimatum of using ghost producers is, that people have their own reasons and passions to abide by. No matter what, every person behind these tracks works with a motto to provide the music that they can. Then why is ghost production such a controversial topic? It is because it’s still new to the EDM culture.

Though many people follow it, there’s still a large number of people who don’t. It’s a general phenomenon, that people take their own time to adapt to changes happening around them. Ghost Production is one such change. That day is not far when it will be an open business and people will learn to accept it with open arms.

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