How Ghost Production Helped Big Artists And Djs
How Ghost Production Helped Big Artists And Djs
by on 01.08.2018

Ghost Production Helped Big Artists And DJs

Ghost Production is an open and very enthusiastic business in the industry currently. There are many famous artists who use ghost production as well as ghost produce it for other artists. It could be possible that your favorite track by an artist is not actually produced by him. Some find this as a fraud business whereas some are very vocal and appreciative about it. here you will learn how ghost production helped big artists and DJs

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Martin Garrix, who is the youngest and top rating DJ in the industry currently, began his career by ghost producing tracks for artists. He has been very verbal about it and believes it’s a fair business. Its been assumed that Maarten Vorwerk now ghost produces music for Garrix. Though these are just speculations spread by word of mouth and unclear cues. Also, its said that Vorwerk has ghost produced music for Kygo as well. This speculation was just a spark which was fueled by Mat Zo when he dissed Kygo on Twitter by accusing him of using ghost producers.

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A lot of genuine artists fall prey to various such accusations, also the ones who do not use ghost producers. Calvin Harris, the most paid artist in 2013 also fell prey to this. But he denied to accept this allegation and took it to Facebook to express his feelings. He furiously denied of using ghost producers and stated that he has produced all tracks on his own.

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Since producing music is not a single-handed job, it requires a team for that. At times, due to various commitments, artists cannot produce their music all on their own. A little help from outside should not be considered as the incapability of the artist.

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