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How Ghost Production Helps DJs to Win DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Pool

root | November 21, 2019
How Ghost Production Helps DJs to Win DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Pool

Connection Between Dj Mag Top 100 DJs Pool And Ghost Production

Dj Mag is a British Magazine. It is the oldest and most well known EDM News platform of the EDM Industry. DJ Mag Top 100 Dj pool is famous for listing the world’s most popular DJs Ranking. The ranking is based on audience voting poll. Million of peoples vote for their favorite DJs to see them on the list of Top 100 DJ Mag.

How ghost production helps the artist to win DJ Mag top 100 Djs pool?

Making a banger track is no easy task. It takes lots of practice, efforts and time to make a good song. It can help you to get the main content for becoming famous. That is a good professional track. After having a good music track you should also have marketing skills and you should also have the contacts. If you have a good track, nice marketing strategy and contacts then it will definitely help you to get you more engagement and more views on your track. Getting a good engagement to your music track will boost your music career and it will also help you to get famous.

DJ Mag officially asked questions to each DJ on the top 100 list about the acceptance of ghost production. The answers reveal a split consensus on the issue, with numerous artists supporting the concept and others denouncing the very idea of using a ghost producer.

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike

Answer to Dj Mag Question – “There seems to be a lot of confusion around the topic. Sometimes artists get help in mixing, songwriting or additional production; it’s not exclusive to electronic music or any other genre for that matter. Ultimately, if that extra pair of hands makes the final sound of the record better, then it’s in everybody’s best interest to go down that avenue. But what’s important is clarity around how that collaboration works, and everybody involved properly credited and paid for their efforts.” Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s #1 Dj Mag’s position shows that no one cares if the original artists producing the song or its a ghost production on someone else. End of the days it’s all about how you promote your track and make that track a game-changer of your Djing career. Many Top Djs are still accusing Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike of using ghost producers. There are rumors that Marteen Vorwerk is the ghost producer behind Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s famous tracks. Dimitry Vegas and Like Mike is a good example to show how peoples are accepting the presence of ghost production.

DJ Mag top 100 pool Ranking history of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike

They have spotted 79th position as a new entry in 2011, 38th position in 2012, 6th position in 2013, 2nd position in 2014 and first position in 2015. They were #1 DJ of 2015 and now #1 DJ in 2019 again

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s DJ Mag Top 100 Ranking Graph from 2011

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's DJ Mag Top 100 Ranking Graph from 2011

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix got hype due to his track “Animals”. He is the First Dj who started the carrier as a Ghost Producer. After being known by Spinnin records that one of their label releases is a ghost produce song of Martin Garrix. They invited him to the office and get him signed. Martin Garrix is a ghost producer of many big tracks, Still, the track names haven’t leaked yet.

DJ Mag top 100 pool Ranking history of Martin Garrix

He got the 40th position in DJ Mag top 100 as a new entry in 2013. Then moving rapidly up he got 4th position in 2014, 3rd position in 2015, and hat-trick 3 times on the #1 position in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
Martin garrix DJ Mag Top 100 Ranking Graph from 2011

David Guetta

Answer to Dj Mag Question – “There’s a big difference between having ‘ghost producers’ or working as a team. It’s totally cool to work as a team and everyone should be credited. And paid. A bit like being in a band.”  David Guetta is a french Dj, Music producer, and songwriter. He has sold over nine million albums and million singles worldwide. In 2011, he was declared as the #1 DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 lists. Guetta entered in 2005 at DJ Mag Top 100 list. One of the famous DJ Diplo slam David Guetta for the worst version of ‘Lean On’. The debate takes place on the social media platform when DJ Snake started things up on Twitter, tweeting three of these bad boys at Guetta. So it’s not a ghost production but coping someone melody is a part of ghost production

Armin Van Buuren

Answer to DJ Mag Question – “I think it’s wrong if someone puts a name on a track they had nothing to do with, that they weren’t even in the studio for. I’ve never used a ghost producer.” Benno De Goeij: The Ghost Producer Behind Armin van Buuren, There is a hidden story, though, that not many fans will be familiar with. The story begins at a music festival in Holland, and it was here that De Goeij and van Buuren first crossed paths when they met backstage at the festival. A brief chat convinced van Buuren that he’d like De Goeij to produce a live set for him because he quickly realized that De Goeij’s talents could come in useful for the continuity of his brand.

Benno De Goeij’s involvement in Armin’s success over the latter part of the 2000s was so strong. He has co-produced almost every single track on Armin van Buuren’s Imagine album. Which got #1 position in dutch charts album and peaked at number 157 on the U.S. Billboard 200.


Answer to DJ Mag question – “If you get a ghost producer and you’re open about it, that’s fine. But when you try and hide it and act like you do know what you’re doing, that’s kind of stupid.” Afrojack is one of the most famous names of the EDM industry. He is very popular with his dutch style of music. He admitted on Twitter to @TheFPIA ( Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) that he had helped ghost produce a track for David Guetta’s chart-topping “Titanium” but didn’t want to share his name with the track, because he feels that his name would be damaged if he shares his name with the track

Afrojack accuse David Guetta for using him as a ghost producer


Answer to DJ Mag Question – “My view is if you’re not producing your own tracks, then just be honest. The fans don’t deserve to be lied to.” Hardwell admits he has ghost produced for a pop artist In an interview, Hardwell said he has worked with a pop artist as a ghost Producer. He didn’t reveal the name of the pop artist. But this is not the first time Hardwell has ghost produced for someone. In the past, Hardwell took a whole month off from touring and focus on production. In the same month, Hardwell starts producing tracks and ends up with 40 new tracks. Few tracks are for his own album and few are ghost production for other artists. No one knows which tracks Hardwell ghost produce for other artists. This is what a real ghost producer is up to, the real ghost producer never reveals the name of the customer. There is always an airtight contract between the ghost producer and the artist. There are also rumors that Porter Robinson has helped Hardwell for his track Apollo


After a lot of hits, DJ Snake become a sensation in the EDM industry. Dj Snake’s collaborations with big artists help him to become a popular DJ. He has many friends in the EDM industry one of them is Martin Bresso who is also known as Tchami. Martin Bresso (Tchami) is a co-producer of many hit tracks. He had an amazing year. After being a co-producer of many tracks he also deserves the credit for one of DJ Snake’s hit track “Turn Down For What,”. The reason being he should be credited is, Bresso Martin Joseph aka Tchami is clearly mentioned as songwriters in ASCAP Publishers. which can be seen in the below-given image.
dj snake ghost producer Tchami.
Here are a few of the top popular DJs of DJ Mag. It’s true that almost everyone has a connection with the ghost production scene. Not everyone uses ghost production services few of them are ghost producers themself. But at the end of the day ghost production is accepted by many famous DJs and Producers.

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