How Much Do Big Artists Pay Others To Ghost Produce Songs For Them?
How Much Do Big Artists Pay Others To Ghost Produce Songs For Them?
by on 17.05.2018

A producer is someone who is paid to create a recording of an artist’s music. The great majority of artists use producers, it’s a perfectly normal and respectable thing to do, and it is very common to use a “ghost producer“. If the artist feels able to produce the record himself or herself, and wants to do so, and can persuade the label that that’s a good idea, then the artist will get the production credit and no additional producer will be involved. But most artists are very happy with the idea that the end result will be better if they bring in a producer skilled at translating their brilliant ideas into great recordings and generally have no problem with giving that individual full credit.

How much does a producer get paid? Depends how much the artist and the record label thinks they’re worth, and how good they are at negotiating. But it’s usually upwards of a few thousand dollars a track plus whatever percentage of sales they can get. If you’re relatively unknown, you’ll probably have to settle for the low end of this range.

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