How to become an EDM poducer?
How to become an EDM poducer?
by on 10.03.2020

How to become an EDM producer? 

As per the data, this is most of the possible reasons why someone starts producing music.

1. Basically when someone likes the music from their childhood and their parents are very supportive.
2. When a person regularly listens to EDM tracks.
3. If someone regularly watches DJ’s live performing videos
4. When someone’s job sucks and He/She have a passion for music production

What does a music producer do?

A Music producer guides, produce and also record the full song. Now a day’s music production has become very accessible and also easy. With basic knowledge, someone can produce quality music with standard laptops and few basic production gears.

There are two types of producers; Lets began with types of producers.

First, are bedroom producers working on own music and also learning the creative process. And second, are professional producers working in the studio for their own music and also for other artists. There are also few producers who are still producing music for full time from their bedroom studio and working for many other artists as well.

Let’s began with a very basic explanation of what goes on.

If you think like a guitarist, The Guitarist knows all the licks and to play them and make it sound best. The producer might not be able to play those licks himself. But the producer knows what will sound good and fit the song. So when a guitarist goes into the studio, the producer will basically tell the guitarist which licks he thinks will work on the song and where to put them.

The producer is kind of an architect designing a whole building and telling the painters what color and style he wants the exterior.

How to get started?

The first thing selects a user-friendly DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in which you are comfortable.
There are many DAW in the market, you need to install a few of them and check which is more user-friendly for you. You can also watch a few YouTube videos to get some basic ideas about DAW.

Most of the EDM producers choose to work with FL-Studio. It is one of the easiest and also a very user-friendly DAW. But it’s completely on you which DAW you want to select. Once you select the DAW, You need to then decide your favorite genre. In which you want to produce tracks. This can change from time to time as per your mind and mood. 

After installing the DAW in your computer you can start playing with it and understand the basic things Like,

1. Try to edit the samples.
2. Place a sample on a track and also try to change the tempo and/or pitch.
3. Program a beat in a drum machine.
4. Add a bass line to one of your created beats.
5. Try to make a melody line using inbuilt synths.
6. Keep watching the tutorials

Don’t forget to use shortcut keys while practicing. Using a shortcut key is a very good habit. This will save a lot of your time. When you start you don’t need to absorb lots of information. Just practice the simple tasks.

Start trying to produce what you really want to, and learn as you go. You have to accept the truth that it’s going to take a lot of time to become an EDM producer. Keep at it and also focus on the stuff that goes well. If you put the time in, you will surely get better.


Let’s discuss some frequently asked questions.

I have no experience in music. Can I still learn production and become an EDM Producer?
Yes, of course, no one in the world comes with pre-experience ability. Each and every producer has started with the basic practice only.

I don’t have funds to buy Gears, what do I need?
You don’t need any extra gear to start the production. A basic headphone and standard computer are enough to get started.

Are there job opportunities?
Yes, there are job opportunities in the music industry. There are also a few platforms where you can produce and submit your song for sale.

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