Is ‘Closer’ By Chainsmokers Ghost Is Ghost Produced?
Is ‘Closer’ By Chainsmokers Ghost Is Ghost Produced?
by on 28.09.2018
American duo, The Chainsmokers have topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart many times with major hit tracks like ‘Roses’, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘Closer’. Right after the major hit of Closer in 2016, followed a big controversy. A few critics on social media pointed out that ‘Closer’ sounds very similar to Fetty Wap’s ‘679’ which was released in 2015.
Later on, another allegation was raised that the song also sounded similar to The Fray’s ‘Over My Head’ which implied that either the track by The Chainsmokers was copied or The Fray had ghost produced might have ghost produced it for them. The Chainsmokers acted right after this allegation and now Isaac Slae and Joe King are now credited as the writers of ‘Closer’ on the website of performance rights organization, ASCAP.
Also, it happens that somewhere or other the names of the ghost producers are actually mentioned in the credits section but the fans just miss out on that. Not every time, but sometimes its wrong to accuse artists if stealing. Because if the name of any artist is not mentioned then its surely a ghost produced track and due to the certain agreement, it was pre-decided by both the parties to not mention it.
In the case of The Chainsmokers, the truth has never come out and also after the duo credited the artists, the whole controversy was shut down. It did affect their reputation but they are back on track with new music that their fans are admiring.

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