Learn Music Production

Want to learn music production and also turn your love of music and sound into a career?

Learn music production at our music learning classes or at home.

We teach music production and also composition. As well as scoring, sound designing, editing, and mixing techniques all from industry professionals. Apply these skills in your music production, film, and also in video game production. 

Learn music production with digital recording equipment

Learn music production with digital computer-based audio recording and also learn editing programs like ProTools, Solid State Logic, Fl Studio, or Ableton. However, you’ll be guided by instructors with industry experience producers at our music production classes or at your home.

Music production courses

This music production courses and music technology curriculum are designed for students to learn and as well as also make a career in the music industry. Jobs in this industry include those of broadcast technicians, sound recording technicians, music production staff, artist agents, concert managers, and many others for which both musical production and technological knowledge are essential.


Above all this curriculum helps students to learn thorough academic or at home. In addition, our music professional will teach you to learn from entry-level positions in the music industry. Our music production online course can help you to learn about industry-standard equipment and also software DAW to provide them with the necessary skills for employment. 

Production Packages

Basic (1 Month) – Music Production

  • Learn introduction to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Introduction to Various genres
  • Introduction And information About Music theory
  • Learn introduction Basic Instruments and SoundCards.

Standard (1 Month+15 Days) – Music Production

  • Learn everything in Basic music production
  • Learn to setup Registration And Installation In Your PC
  • Song Arrangement And Programming in music production
  • Sound Design And Midi Knowledge
  • Learn Proper use of Presets And Sample Packs

Professional (2 Months) – Music Production

  • Everything in Basic And Standard Music Production
  • Learn to mix Assignments Of your track By Professionals
  • Learn to master with basic and Third-party plugins
  • Melody writing And harmonies
  • Vocal Recording With Advance Equipment
  • Access to All DAW’s including Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Fl studio