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Maarten Vorwerk

root | October 24, 2019
Maarten Vorwerk

Life of Maarten Vorwerk

Maarten Vorwerk a well-known and most famous ghost producer of the EDM Industry. He is a one-man army of ghost production. Lives in the Netherland which is also the city of the EDM industry. He started listing to music in the early 90s and he fell in love with anthems such as dominator by humans resources, Rave the rhythm by channel X,

In 1995 he brought his first computer and started making his favorite genre tracks House Music.

First Hit of Vorwerk

In 2005 one of his track freefall Freefall hit no.1 position in the Dutch chart. This was the first hit track of Maarten Vorwerk. After this track, he started his ghost production journey. For many peoples, ghost production is a very new concept. But let me tell you ghost production service is being used for many years now. Not by only famous DJs but also by many underground artists. In short ghost production means, A producer producing a track for some other artist/DJ who is not capable of making his or her own songs due to a lack of time or knowledge.

Maarten Vorwerk Ghost Production Life

Ghost production has helped Maarten Vorwerk to become a real superstar of the EDM industry. You must be wondering how can someone become so famous in a field where they can’t even share their names in the credits without the client’s permission? that’s true ghost production is something that the original producer can not reveal the name unless and until the client wants to share the name in credits. But a leaked contract change the life of Maarten Vorwerk and helped him to become the top ghost producer.

What does popular EDM News Magazine say about this leak contract?

Maarten Vorwerk Leaked Contract

An EDM news channel shared a leaked contract of Maarten Vorwerk which is signed by Josh Herman the manager of the famous duo DJ DVBBS and also of Borgeous. In that contract, it is stated that Maarten Vorwerk has ghost produced the very famous track Tsunami & Stampede

for 30,000 Euros, which is released under the name of DVBBS and Borgeous. But latter on Maarten Vorwerk denied it and said it as an internet troll. Soon the post also got removed on which the leaked contract was shared but latter on Magnetic Mag Magazine share a blog stating “The contract appears to be signed by both Vorwerk and Herman. In a recent update to the post, Electrokill states that Herman is accusing them of faking the contract and that his signature is forged. Electrokill denies these claims”. So till now, the ghost production claim has not confirmed for the track Tsunami and Stampede.

Well-known ghost produced tracks of Vorwerk

Epic By Sandro Silva & Quintino

Epic By Sandro Silva & Quintino Which becomes the first known ghost produced song of Maarten Vorwerk.  The single became a success in The Netherlands by reaching the peak position in both the Dutch Top 40 and the Mega Single Top 100. This song is released under the name of Sandro Silva & Quintino but according to Wikipedia Maarten Vorwerk is also a producer of this track. Screenshot from Wikipedia.

wikipedia screenshot of track epic produced by marteen vorwerk

Other known ghost produced songs

Other tracks soon followed with rumors that he was the sole producer behind “Wakanda” by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and several other big-time tracks. There are many other tracks that are clam to be produced by Vorwerk and a few by other producers. Some of them are confirmed and some of them are not yet confirmed. You can check this post of top ghost produced songs list to know more about the list of top EDM ghost produced songs.

Top 10 Questions Answered by Maarten Vorwerk in an interview

Marteen vorwerk interview


List of interesting questions answered by Maarten Vorwerk on social media.

Why do you do what you do, don’t you want credit for your art? I love being in the studio. That’s what I want to do every day. Producing and DJing are two completely different things. Most colleagues like both. I don’t. Was there an ounce of truth to the “Stampede” and “Tsunami” rumors that popped up at the beginning of 2014? No! How many of your tracks or tracks you worked on, were released last year? I have to guess this one. But probably around 30+. Who is your favorite producer? My Favorite producer has to be Calvin Harris. I haven’t worked with him, unfortunately :-).

Why don’t you take all the fame for your productions yourself when you could easily earn the money that you do from ghost productions back off the live performances that they would obviously create for you?

I don’t want to do live performances. Maybe I need a ghost DJ? Interested? How did you get to the point you are today, as arguably one of the best producers in the world? Did you attend a production school or was it all trial & error-based learning? well I started with trial & error and I am still learning every day. And I followed a bachelor’s course at the SAE. Which thought me more physics and recording and troubleshooting than actual producing.

How did you get into ghost producing?

Well, that actually had to do with the poor music market around 2008/9. As a producer, it was very difficult to make money cause CDs and also vinyl wasn’t sold a lot anymore. A lot of Record companies went bankrupt and the digital market wasn’t as evolved as it is nowadays. So I choose to become a ghost producer So that I didn’t need to sell my studio and I could still be self-employed. Will you ever perform (ie. DJ) in the future? Do you ever crave it now? No, don’t think so! I love studio work. And I am more of an Einzelgänger.

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