Mat Zo Aims At Big Artists In A Twitter Rant
Mat Zo Aims At Big Artists In A Twitter Rant
by on 03.08.2018

Ghost production is an enormous field and is escalating with great speed. A ghost producer is an anonymous artist who produces an entire track for any record label or a DJ or any other artist.

They also co-produced tracks in collaboration with other artists. Ghost producers charge a flat fee or get paid in royalties for the tracks they produce for their clients or artists. These ghost producers take either the full or partial responsibility of producing tracks for artists.
This allows artists to manage their concerts, live performances, and other commitments. There are legal agreements done between the artists and the ghost producers which obliges the ghost producers to remain anonymous.
This is beneficial for the artists and the ghost producers. the artists can provide more time to their live performances whereas the ghost producers earn a decent and stable amount of income.
Though ghost producing is a systematic business, there are people who think its fraud. They accuse big artists of using ghost producers and not being capable of themselves to compose their own music.


Sometime back, the famous producer Mat Zo went on a 24-hour rant on twitter about DJs paying for headline festivals and how these big artists use ghost producers who compose music for them which is released under their name.
Speaking against Tiesto, he accused him of using ghost producers. He tweeted, “@tiesto once said to me “those trance guys are a bunch of old losers’ maybe cus they stuck with their passion and didn’t go chasing pussy.”
It has been said that Dennis Waakop, whose name you have not even heard is the man behindTiesto’s music. Dennis has written several musics for Tiesto like ‘Feel it in my bones’, ‘Escape me’ and ‘I will be here.’
Armin Van Buuren
Mat Zo’s list of incompetent producers also includes Armin. He blustered against him on Twitter saying that he is the worst. He added, “Look at the talent on armada he ‘supports’ and look how they’re all stuck.” Also, there was a list released by a user named @kloaked on Twitter. According to that, an artist named Benno De Goji ghost produces music for Armin Van Buuren.
That was a straight hit against Armin. There wasn’t any act of defense by Armin on this tweet.
An anonymous source leaked some official documents between John James Borger(Bourgeous) and Spinnin Records that serve as a proof of payment made to KSHMR for ghost producing Borgeous’ songs. the source also provided official Recording Agreement between them.
It clearly stated that KSHMR has produced tracks for Borgeous and he will be disallowed of any credit for the same.

There are many facets of being an artist and a ghost producing plus there are different perspectives top look at it. But it’s undeniable that ghost production exists and no matter what, it has been proven successful by far.
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