Most Popular Edm Ghost Produced Songs
Most Popular Edm Ghost Produced Songs
by on 07.08.2018

EDM Ghost Produced Songs List

Ghost Producer is a person who produces or co-producers tracks for artists in exchange for a flat fee or royalties.

In ghost production, there’s a mutual agreement stating that the original producer of the track will remain anonymous. Ghost production considered illegitimate by some people and also According to those people, it is unfair to steal someone else’s credits and gain an appreciation for something that they originally have nothing to do with.

Top Ghost produced tracks list

EDM Ghost produced songs

zedd ghost production news

Clarity by Zedd

Clarity is that one track which uplifted Zedd’s career in the industry. But it was later revealed that the track was originally produced by Porter Robinson and another side factor is Matthew Koma accused ZEED of not giving the credits in Clarity

Avicii ghost production news

Waiting for love by Avicii

The entire EDM industry loved Avicii for his incredible work. But later there were speculations that this track was originally produced by Martin Garrix. The fact that Garrix kickstarted his career by ghost production, make this speculation even more solid.

djs who use ghost producers

Epic by Sandro and Quintino

Wakanda by DVLM

Stampede and Tsunami by DVBBS and Borgeous

There are rumored to be originally produced by the famous ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk. Vorwerk reveals that he has ghost produced some top tracks but refuses to name them.

hardwell ghost production news

Apollo by Hardwell

The famous EDM track by Apollo by Hardwell is rumored to be originally produced by Porter Robinson. Hardwell has been very open about ghost production and his projects, though he never mentioned this track.
Tiesto ghost production news

The Grammy-winning artists have undoubtedly changed the outlook of people towards EDM. But very few people know that behind his award-winning tracks is the ghost producer Dennis Waakop. Dennis has also written several of Tiesto’s hits including Feel It In My Bones, Escape Me and I Will Be Here.

David guetta ghost production news
David Guetta
Titanium by David Guetta ghost produced by Afrojack. He said that he didn’t want to reveal his name because he feared that his fans would not approve of his involvement in David Guetta’s track.
DVBBS Ghost production news
EDM culture blog Electrokill.info had released leaked photos of a contract between DVBBS and Maarten Vorwerk. Electrokill mentioned in the contract about very two famous tracks ‘Stampede’ and ‘Tsunami’ by DVBBS and Borgeous featuring DVLM which was ghost produced by Maarten Vorwerk.

It’s a growing industry with plenty of team working on one single track. It’s hard to conclude anything. But everything is acceptable as far as good music keeps coming in.

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