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5 Easy steps to market your music independently in 2021

root | January 20, 2021
music marketing

What is music marketing?

To know what is music marketing? First, you should know the difference between music promotion and music marketing.  Because a lot of people think that music promotion and music marketing is exactly the same thing. But it’s not. Music marketing is a process where an expert Music PR company or you yourself get stretched. Reason to reach your music to the right targeted audience.

While music promotion is a process. Where people target all unknown and known audiences through social media platforms. That too without any concern about the outcomes or results. Music marketing is a very professional process. It is different than posting on social media and targeting 1000’s unknown audiences.

I have been promoting music for more than 9 years. Learned a mass of things with a mass of not turning well campaigns. I have tried 1000s of different ways to promote the music. Also, worked with many upcoming and big artists. After a lot of unsuccessful campaigns, I learned the right way to market. Here in this article, I will guide you with the easy 5 steps guide on how to independently promote your music successfully.

1. Professional track

First thing first the very important part is your track quality. If you have a satisfaction feeling then only go for promotion. If you are not pleased with your record then I would suggest you work on it. Work until First you are delighted with your work. To convert the audience from listeners into fans. First, the audience should like your record. And then only they will become your supporters and fans.

2. Create Animated Visuals or Videos.

Marketing a music track with video works 300% more effectively than without the video. Creating a music video is not at all cheap and needs a lot of money for many things. Like videographer charge, equipment, editing, correction charges, and many other things. Approximately a music video will cost you around $1000 to $50000. It can take 5 to 30 days to complete a video track which is not at all affordable for many producers and artists.

The second cheap option for those who can’t afford a music video is to make Animated visuals. It will not cost more than $100 to $300. A lot of big artists also choose this option and it looks cool and more professional. To find the best editor at cheap rates you should check the Facebook groups.

3. Gather Information about successful artists.

Start gathering information about your listeners. Follow the path of your followers to see where they are going. Also, see how successful artists are attracting their followers. Check each and everything step by step of successful artists. Analyze their way of advertising, publishing, live shows, signed labels. Check each and everything that they have done to attract the fans.

Start from online presence. Online means how a successful artist connects with the followers through online platforms. Using Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, youtube, and other music platforms. Check offline activities. Like, check how they get the live gigs, their artist manager name. who handles their fan page, the past event organizer name, and all the things which are possible for you.

4. Stay Away from a fraud marketing agency.

Make a note of all the points and make a plan on how to start the process. In this process, you will get a lot of fraud peoples but also few legit peoples who will help you out. This is the list of things from which you have to stay away from while contacting.

1. Stay away from a label that asks for money to get signed.
2. Don’t release a track on a youtube channel that asks you to pay the money to release the track.
3. Don’t try to get in touch with an event organizer who is asking you to pay for the performance.
4. Stay away from the fake social media promoters who will give you fake views, likes, and followers.

Stay away from those who are asking you for the money at your initial stage. There are a lot of scammers in this industry so stay alert. Keep in mind people who will ask you for the money will never help you in marketing. So you can also skip these parts where people are asking you for money. Move to the next part that is marketing your brand online.

5. Useful Online Tools to market your track to targeted fans and followers.

Here are my personal favorite tools that I use to gather the information for marketing.

1. VidIQ Chrome extension. It is a very useful tool to gather information about the youtube videos of any artist. Learn how they are posting the video and getting successful. This tool will help a lot of your time and will teach you the correct way to upload your music track.

2. Growmeorganic platform. It’s a platform where you can take out the email address of the followers of any artist you want. You can use this scraped email address for many things. Like using it for your email campaigns. Use it for showing your music track ads on social media platforms. You can also do a lot of other things with these emails. It’s a very powerful and next-generation tool.

3. Mailchimp mailing platform. Release newsletters or new releases on email to attract targeted fans. Send tips of the week to keep them in touch for a long period. Send automated emails to keep your followers up to date. The more you will give the more you will get back. It’s a very useful platform and you can also use their free version.

Don’t wait for the right time.

Independent artists have more opportunities than ever before. Independent artists can start creating their brand name with a little budget. Many new artists waste their time buying fake plays and subscribers which is a waste of time and also money. Don’t wait for the right time. Start your marketing activities from today itself.

Step by step guide to market your track on Facebook.

1. First check how your record sounds like? Make a list of artists who are successful and their record sounds like your records.
2. Visit their Facebook page and check their post from the beginning. Check from where they got real the boost.
3. List out the things which helped them to get a boost.
4. Try to achieve the things which helped them to get successful.
5. Use online tools, extract your follower emails and start making Facebook ad campaigns.

If you have any marketing related questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

Written by root


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