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Top Genuine Ways To Promote Your Music

root | September 23, 2019
Music Promotion PR

Music Promotion

You must be wondering after purchasing an EDM Ghost produced tracks or after producing your own music what is the next step? How should I start promoting it and what are the steps of music promotion? Before starting this whole process first let us define…

What does music promotion mean? Why music promotion is important? How to promote the track on social sharing sites like youtube and facebook? Why and how to contact big record labels? What is paid music PR promotion?


What does music promotion mean?

Music promotion is an activity that is done by an individual or music promotion team. This activity takes place to promote someone’s music to a targeted audience. Music promotion is the most essential part of any artist after releasing a music track. The musician does the music promotion to get their track heard by thousands of peoples. Learn the complete guide to promote Your EDM Track

Why music promotion is important?

It’s really hard for a producer to start a journey as A artist. For a producer its really time consuming to produce his first own beat write own lyrics and to find another artist to collaborate. But unfortunately, even if you produce the first banger it will not work unless you promote it in the right way. After producing the next step is to Promote your music and get your music heard by as many people as possible. The more listeners engage in your music, the more targeted fans, and followers you get. Reaching more listeners through music promotion means getting the real benefit of your music. Because an artist makes music to engage and build their own real fans and followers base.

Why you should promote your music on social sharing sites like Facebook and youtube?

Social media are internet services that let you interact with others and share and create content through online communities. It is one of the most stress-free and cheap ways to promote your music to thousands of peoples. Just with a few easy steps, anyone can start promoting their music on social media and get likes and replies from all over the world.

The cost-effective way to promote your music on Facebook

Facebook – To promote your music on Facebook, You can start it with very simple steps. There are thousands of other artists on Facebook who is trying to stand out. You need to strike the right balance of engaging with your fans and saving time to actually make music.
1. Like – The more artist you are going to like on FB page the more target reach you will get with every post.

2. Reply – When an artist of producer posts something on Facebook don’t hesitate to click the like button and reply to the post. The more reply’s you will post on other artist accounts the more will come back on your post.

3. Don’t spend hours of Facebook – You are an artist/producer, not the social media promoter. Social media platforms are made to engage more peoples. Use it strategically to promote your work and don’t neglect other areas of your music career, such as practicing and recording.

4. Posting photos and videos – Photos reach is less then videos reach on Facebook so better try to make a unique video that can engage more users on your music.

5. Facebook ads – There are numerous ads placing an option on Facebook for desktop and mobile users. Choose your right medium and promote your music through Facebook ads.

Why I should promote my music on Youtube?

Youtube is the world’s best platform for musicians. If I talk about the fact then let me tell you that on Youtube almost 5 billion videos are watched on every single day. It gets over 30 million visitors per day. If you spend some time and learn how to get more views and engage more peoples on your youtube channel? Then you will know how to make your music a youtube sensation Then youtube alone will be enough for your music promotion activity. There are tons of music channels on youtube as well which can help you to get your track heard by millions of peoples. There are a few easy steps to contact top music channels on youtube.

Why and how to contact big record labels?

Signing a big record label can make many good things happen. It can help you to earn the fame and the money as well. When you trust your music and you know it can get singed to big labels then don’t hesitate to find out the best way to reach your dream record label. Some artist gets signed by simple Gmail conversation while for the other it takes time and struggle. First, find out the big record labels name in which you are interested to get signed. Then find out the label A&R team name. After this find out the email address of those A&R from LinkedIn. And then you can send a direct email to the A&R Team for best response.

What is paid music PR Promotion?

Paid Music promotion is a service that helps a musician to get easily into the top chart of digital music online stores. There is a lot of Music PR promotion platform online who has tons of PR services like Spotify promotion, Beatport promotion, iTunes promotion, and also many more For a musician managing his tracks to be on the top of every Online Digital Music Store is almost very hard. Unless you have a good fan base it is not possible to come on the top chart of online digital music stores like Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, and others. With the help of the music promotion team, you can get your track on the top chart easily by doing nothing. There are a lot of PR companies who can bring your music on Beatport’s top 100 charts.

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