Nghtmre Comeback with  Remix of Dj Snake’s “Here Comes the Night”
Nghtmre Comeback with Remix of Dj Snake’s “Here Comes the Night”
by on 09.04.2017

DJ Snake yet again surrounds himself with smart company on his new remix pack for “Here Comes The Night” (feat. Mr. Hudson).

Just business as was common for the Grammy nominated producer WHO continues to resonate with audiences and producers alike, all the whereas delivery in top talents from the mainstream pop world into the fold.

Recently, we have a tendency to were also reminded of NGHTMRE’s ability to command the spotlight. He effectively had the last word at ultra Music festival 2017, taking part in an memorable set and leaving a lasting impression on one in every of EDM’s biggest stages. unreleased at the time, his remix of DJ Snake’s “Here Comes The Night” drove his audience into a hysteria. though we have a tendency to might have required these two weeks to recover since then, we’re happy to mention that release is finally here.

Originally from DJ Snake’s 2016 album Encore, “Here Comes The Night” features the enduring British musician Mr. Hudson. as the last cut of Encore, an album adorned with listing options throughout, this track wasn’t nearly as visible at the time of release because it is currently. NGHTMRE’s remix shines with bright chords and melodies, showcasing a aspect of his talent otherwise absent from his more recent releases. His endowment for balancing each trap and future bass influenced parts is clear, and also the distinction of these 2 worlds elevates the energy in an exceedingly whole new way.

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