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Results of the DJ Mag Top 100 brought a lot of appreciation and criticism too. It was quoted by audience as well as the artists that few of the top charters have used ghost producers and have not made their tracks on their own.
When Nicky Romero was asked about the same, he seemed to be pretty alright with artists using ghost producers. As per his opinion, almost every artist has used ghost producers and are still using it. Also, he agreed that he himself works as ghost producer for some artists. To name, he mentioned that he has two tracks he is making for Brittany Spears, two for Rihanna, also four tracks for David Guetta’s new album.

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Maarten Vorwerk is the top ghost producer in the industry currently. He has ghost produced more than 400 hits since his career began in 2001. He has worked for many top artists like Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Usher, Major Lazer, Tiesto, Martin Garrix and many more.

Hardwell has admitted to be ghost producing for so many artists in the past. Though he denies to reveal the name, but there’s a speculation that he ghost produced Thomas Newson’s ‘Pallaroid’. Maarten Vorwerk says he knew who has Hardwell ghost produced the music for, but denied to reveal the name.

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There are many such songs that have been played and have topped the charts, but there are probability that the songs have not been even produced by the artists themselves. Few seem to be okay with it whereas few oppose it. But its only a matter of perception and the quality of music.

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