Psy Dropped New Album & It Already Getting Viral
Psy Dropped New Album & It Already Getting Viral
by on 13.05.2017

WTF !!! PSY is back with even more power this time with new music. And people are too happy with it though some of them dont understand the lyrics, they are busy enjoying the song.

In his new new album 4×2=8, the second track “New Face” is truely amazing and we can say that it could be the “Gangnam Style” of the album. in his new song he has been seen with new custom dance move for the drop and an almost Latin vibe, with horns and acoustic guitar, we could actually see this one making the rounds in clubs and discos.

Probably the most interesting part of the song to EDM fans and followers is a scene where PSY sings, “Ayy we want some new face!” in the of “Hey, who want’s some pussay?” It is possible that Someone like Dillon Francis might even sample it in a set, who knows?

For more info and music video Check out below :

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