Custom Services
Custom EDM Track


Make any desired style track in which you love listening. Our team is eligible to make any style track as per requirements

Custom EDM Remix


Remix any desired track with our top-notch producers. Whether it’s a remix competition or a track you love.​

EDM Track marketing


With our top-notch SMO Team increase your genuine followers. We also do Social media marketing on a monthly basis.​

Custom EDM Mashup


Create a custom made Mashups only exclusive for your DJ set. Release a mashup and get more audience engaged.​


Make any desired melody just by submitting the reference track. Our team can help create top-notch melodies.​

EDM Mixing and mastering service


Are your tracks no comparing to the pros? Let our studio engineers professionally mix and master your tracks​


Here is step by step guide 
Explain what is there in your mind. We have multiple services in our Custom EDM Services section For each service we have provided a custom fill up form which will help you to enter your requirements properly. Once you know exactly know what service you want you can just click the service name. There you will find a form where you need to fill and submit the details. You can also contact us if you have anything custom service in your mind.  Here are the details of how to submit the requirements for custom EDM Services.
Original Track:  Send your requirements with 2-3 YouTube or sound cloud reference tracks. Make sure you are sending same genre reference tracks so it becomes easy to us to understand what you are exactly looking for
Remix Track: You can just send us one track link which you want to remix. You can also send us a track stems you want to remix. If you are looking for a vocal track to remix make sure you find the original acapella for the track send us the files.
Custom C0-creation: Send us your original track, few reference tracks of same genre. We will go through with your submitted track and we will review it. Once the review process is done we will send you more details on how to start the work. After the details are sent you can then send us the project file and other files of track.
Down payment
Once you approve and ready to start the work we take a minimum down-payment, which is also refundable if you are not satisfied with our work
Once we have your custom service details with your down payment we will assign it to our manager and best professional producers. With your specifications we will assign it to the best producer that would fit your project. It would take not more than 24 hours from the moment of your request.
First Draft
Within 2 days you will get the very first draft. With the submitted draft you will get the idea how the song is going to sound like.  After getting the draft you have 3 options. 1. Approve the draft, pay the pending amount and star the track work.  2. If you don’t like the first draft you can ask for the revisions, as many as possible. all the revisions will be given for free. 3. After revisions if you like the draft you can ask us to continue the work. Or if you feel you don’t want to waste our and your time you can just ask for the refund.
Your assigned manager will send you the contact after approving the demo.
Once everything is done within few days you will get the final product with all the files and project files.