Skrillex on ghost production
Skrillex on ghost production
by on 06.07.2017

Skrillex On Ghost Production

Cody asked Skrillex a question about ghost production.

About hip hop and the excessive use of ghost producers, but receive an answer nobody was expecting. Skrillex grabbed the camera from the interviewer and proceeded to turn the interview around on Cody, asking about his aspirations.

Though the message in the clip is clear (that you should follow your dreams), Skrillex gives TMZ his opinion on ghost producer.

His response was simple; that “I think they can do whatever they want to do”,
it is clear Skrillex doesn’t have a problem with artists using ghost production services as long as they are working towards their goal and working hard to excel in their field.

When aspiring artists everywhere, and in general, are chasing their dreams, there is no problem with getting some help along the way.

Skrillex on Bieber’s album:

Skrillex ghost produced five tracks on Bieber’s album. Spent hours perfecting it,” he says.
“He didn’t slack off and go, ‘Fuck it! I’m gonna be rich, famous and not give a shit’’.
Skrillex on THE FEELING’ FEAT. HALSEY: “There was a very different version of that track, and after I heard it I wanted to re-produce it so it was more slowed down and emotional. That track is one of my favorites on the album. It has some of the best lyrics on the album.

“The production is really cinematic and stringy, and this is another record I think is really emotional.
It probably has the most layers of any record I’ve worked on in a long time.

List of Tracks Ghost Produced by Skrillex for Justin Bieber



Ghost Producing is taking the whole music scene over and it’s not just about EDM.
It seems that artists from other genres are interested in this concept too.
It seems that Skrillex and Diplo are taking on to produce EDM tracks for Pop Stars like Madonna, Nicky Minaj, Justine Bieber and etc.
So we must wait to see what comes next.

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