Slushii Reveals the Tracklist for His Upcoming Album
Slushii Reveals the Tracklist for His Upcoming Album
by on 27.04.2017

Slushii, the 19-year-old DJ/producer, has been a rising star in the EDM scene since last year. He’s worked with several different artists, including Marshmello, Ookay, and Jauz, and has received support from extremely well-known artists, such as Skrillex. Over the past couple of years, Slushii has demonstrated his own unique style that has captured audiences from around the world.

Thankfully for fans of Slushii, it appears that the 19-year-old New Jersey native is planning on releasing his first debut album, just two years after beginning the project. Taking to Twitter last night, Slushii got fans excited by stating he was getting “to work on this album again” and just a few minutes later, he dropped the 10 tracks that are slated to release on the album.
Slushii recently announced he’s working on a full-length album, and we can soon get a taste of his new music.

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