Study Finds Music May Help Alleviate Anxiety in Patients with Alzheimer’s
Study Finds Music May Help Alleviate Anxiety in Patients with Alzheimer’s
by on 16.06.2018
Music is Art. In its own form, music has a broad perspective. People use music as a source of expression and engagement. But apart from that, music is deeply associated with our brains and its network. Recent studies claim that music can have a positive as well as negative impact on an individual’s health. To point out the positive aspect, it has been proven that music can help ease anxiety level for Alzheimer patients.
Researchers at the University of Utah Health looked into the salience network of the brain—the area that gives a person chills when they listen to a powerful piece of music. It’s an area unaffected by the spread of Alzheimer’s. By looking at the salience network, the researchers are aiming to alleviate anxiety in patients with dementia by creating music treatments. Researchers believe that music will tap into the salience network of the brain that is still relatively functioning.

A researchers’ study conducted an experiment on 17 participants using an MRI to record the readings of their brains while listening to music. Patients listened to their own playlist, some reverse clips from the same playlist and some clips with no music throughout the study.

It was found that music activated the patients’ brains, allowing areas such as the salience and visual networks to communicate and connect.

Research shows that listening to certain music, makes an individual to relate it with certain emotion or memory which has been associated with that clip of music. One can choose a similar piece of music to engage with memory.
While the study isn’t accomplished, but it does show a beam of hope for treating Alzheimer’s with music.

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