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The Truth of Top DJs Winning DJ Mag

root | August 3, 2018
Truth Behind Top DJs Winning The Dj Mag Top 100

 The Truth Of Top DJs Winning DJ Mag

A ghost producer is an artist who produces music tracks for other artists or clients. They sometimes compose the entire track or help the artists with the finishing and technical aspects.  Paid in terms of royalties or monetarily. It’s a pre-determined agreement which is mutual. There are many rumors on ghost production and top DJ Mag Artists. We have come up with the truth of top DJs winning DJ Mag. It has been observed that gradually. Producers are choosing ghost production as their career option as it benefits them in a variety of ways. They get to follow their passion and earn a pretty decent amount of money for the same. Though ghost production is an established business now, yet certain artists in the EDM industry keep it low-key.

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike made #1 place in DJ Mag

When the DJ Mag news came about the top 100 It was news of the EDM world when DVLM had won the DJ Top Mag 100 poll and were enthroned No.1 DJs in the world. Later, Your EDM had recently published an article highlighting a conversation between Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. According to that, the Belgium brothers opted for a tactic top sweep the votes by sending a bunch of girls around the festival asking people to submit their info in a prefilled iPad that votes for the duo. Right after this in January 2014 leaked a contract between DVLM and Maarten Vorwerk which stated that Vorwerk had ghost produced the track ‘Stampede’ for the brothers. Though the management and Vorwerk refused to accept this allegation.

Afrojack Ghost Produced for David Guetta

There were rumors stating that Afrojack has ghost produced the track ‘Titanium’ for David Guetta. Afrojack agreed that he did ghost produce that track. So when the news of him ghost producing track for Guetta came into the picture, the world was left in shock. Afrojack admitted on Twitter to TheFPIA (Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) that he did help Guetta to ghost produce Titanium. He did not want to attach his name to this chart-topping track because he thought it would damage his image in the industry.


The entire world mourned after losing Avicii. There have been rumors that Avicii has had ghost producers in the past though there has never been a solid proof to support that accusation.This are few of the top DJs and their truth behind winning DJ Mag.

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