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Top 5 Countries Who Use Ghost Producers.

root | July 15, 2018
Top 5 Countries Who Use Ghost Producers.

Top 5 Countries Who Use Ghost Producers.

Ghost Production is spreading like wildfire and people worldwide are accepting it. Ghost Production basically means to compose a piece of music and sell it into an artist who will use it under his name. The original producer remains unnamed and gets rewarded in monetary terms. It’s a legal platform that involves the consentient of both the parties, the ghost producer, and the artist.

Let’s talk about some DJs across the world who are believed to use Ghost Producers. Though these are some speculated names and there hasn’t been any confirmation from them regarding using ghost production.

United States


USA The USA is home to major festivals, labels, and top music venues. Some of them are the OGs of certain genres and some are newer to EDM but bless us with events and music worth mentioning. Top DJs of the USA Like Diplo, Steve Aoki have been claimed as using ghost producers by Mat Zo and When it comes to another hit Dj Dillion Francis, the reports have been confirmed that KSHMR has produced many tracks of top Dj Dillion Francis.

We are not saying Dillon Francis, Diplo, and Steve Aoki is incapable of producing his own material, but they certainly not afraid to reach out for help. After all, how do DJs have time to produce an album while constantly on tour as well as trying to meet fans, participate in interviews and the number of other things required from these artists.

United Kingdom


There was a bliss among all Calvin Harris fans when he has recently declared the most played DJ in the UK. Later, there were questions raised by some people that do he really produce all his music on his own? It was said that the UK DJ was assisted by ghost producers. He has produced some amazing tracks.

We found love, Summer, Feel so close are few ones to name. There hasn’t been any confirmation from the DJ about using ghost producers. It doesn’t even really matter until good music keeps coming.



India has recently yielded some amazing talent when it comes to DJing or EDM music. KSHMR, DJ Zaeden, Nucleya are few top ones. These artists have led big shows and sunburn concerts for international artists. Though there have been speculations about them using ghost production. There was a contract revealed between KSHMR and a company that stated certain agreements and clauses regarding ghost production.

The two contracts cover Borgeous’s track “They Don’t Know Us,” released in March of 2015, and his collaboration with Lights, “Zero Gravity,” released in June of 2015. Though there has been no clarification from KSHMR regarding the controversy. Despite being deeply involved in the ghost production circuit, KSHMR referred to the practice as dishonest during the release of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ List in 2015. “I think it’s acceptable to get help,” he said. “Ultimately, it is up to the artists to decide at what point they are no longer being honest with their listeners.



Back in 2016, Timmy Trumpet was accused by Danny Grant, head of Melbourne based promotion agency Loud Entertainment, that he uses Ghost Producers. He went on to Facebook ranting about the same where he stated, what I don’t understand is the excuses people use to justify why they/their artists have ghostwriters…no matter which way you spin it to justify it to yourself secretly you are ashamed of what you are doing.



Netherland Some finest DJs in the world have been produced by the Netherlands, say Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Afrojack. There have been speculations that Marteen Vorwerk, the famous ghost producer has been producing music for some of these. Vorwerk has come up clean with his work though refuses to name any artists.

There are other countries such as Indonesia, Italy, Denmark where DJing and ghost production are advancing at a good pace. The public, in general, is very much aware of ghost production and is positive enough. It’s a legal business based on certain terms and conditions. Everybody in the EDM industry works as a team and gets credit for the same may that be in monetary terms or some other. The whole agenda is only to produce good music for the audience and the artists worldwide are quite on it.

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