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What is a ghost producer

A Ghost Producer is a person who composes and also produces music for other artists. However, the ghost producer job is to provide the artist with tracks that they can use as their original tracks. While ghost production is a great deal for those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. After that, there are many ghost producers who create their own beats. But if you want your music to be best, you need to contact the best one for quality output.

This service can help an artist as well as a ghost producer. This can help artists in terms of focusing on other important things without bothering anything about the track and it also helps ghost producers in terms of earning a good amount of money without being in the spotlight and doing what they love to do. There are also air-tight contracts that prevent coming out of the original producer name and make the work full anonymous.

There is always a heated ghost production conversion for those who use ghost producers in the EDM scene. People usually get angry and harshly criticize DJs suspected of using ghost producers. But there is enough evidence to clarify that using ghost producers is actually beneficial.

With this given example of ghost production scene, it will help you to understand why it’s not a bad thing. And why a person with an unfavorable opinion should look stop accusing those who use this kind of service.

Most Popular EDM Ghost Produced Songs – Famous Ghost Production Examples

Clarity by Zedd

Clarity” is a song by Russian-German DJ Zedd featuring the vocals of British singer Foxes. Matthew Koma wrote the song with Porter Robinson, and also Skylar Grey and released as iTunes Single of the Week on October 2, 2012, and as an EP on February 12, 2013, by Interscope Records. Clarity is that one track which uplifted Zedd’s career in the industry.

But later on, they discovered that Zedd didn’t give credit to Porter Robinson and Matthew Koma for clarity. Let’s see what they talk about Clarity? Porter Robinson is the ghost producer behind track “Clarity”? Or ZEDD himself produced Clarity?

Porter Robinson talks about “Clarity”


According to porter he clearly mentions the end product is not something that he wants to sound like. So porter himself took down his name and track featured under ZEDD’s name.

After Clarity becomes one of the hit tracks of ZEDD. Porter in a BBC Radio 1 interview said the truth about the ghost production history of clarity. But soon the officials take down the interview of porter from BBC Radio 1 and the question still gets unclear about the ghost producers behind clarity.

Mattew Koma talks about “Clarity”

Mattew Koma expressed the connection between him and Zedd.

I want to finally be transparent about this. It’s a really sad truth because I’m extremely proud of the work he and I did together… Unfortunately, my good feelings toward those songs have all but disappeared as they were experienced alongside someone to toxic and self-serving that it occupied the space where any happiness could exist,” Mattew Koma wrote.

I guess Matthew Koma has worked on many ZEDD’s Track including, Spectrum and Clarity. Today, seven years since the release of Spectrum, Matthew Koma decided to speak out about ZEDD And shares the truth of ghost production behind track clarity.

Zedd allegedly took credit for writing the songs, even though Koma claims to have “[written] every word and melody.” He also said Zedd delayed his payment for singing on “Spectrum” until years later.

So two top Industry artists accused ZEDD Of Clarity. We know ZEDD is a very talented producer and he has also produced tracks for big artists. But it seems to be very clear that Matthew Koma is the ghost producer for the lyrics and melody for track clarity. We never except something like this by ZEDD.  

Waiting for love by Avicii

Waiting for Love – Song by Avicii a Swedish DJ and a music producer. In collaboration with Martin Garrix a Dutch DJ and music producer featuring vocals by Simon Aldred. Song released on 22 May 2015. Martin Garrix’s featured the promo of “Waiting for love” at UMF 2015. He was also playing ID which insinuates that he helped in producing the song. However, Martin Garrix’s name is not there in the track officially. We can say Martin Garrix is the ghost producer of track waiting for love–

The fact that Garrix kickstarted his career as a ghost producer, make this speculation even more solid. Martin Garrix might have got a fee for his ghost production work. But there is no any leak contract between Garrix and Avicii.

According to news, someone says Avicii claims the credit to Martin Garrix as co-producer but isn’t added in the title. But the singer Simon Aldred’s name is also not there in the title. What not many people know is that the song is also co-written by Salem Al Kafir and Vincent Pontare. Well, I think the entire industry loved Avicii for his incredible work. I’m sure Garrix has no issues with his name to be not being in the title. However, Avicii and Garrix are great friends so I doubt it means anything.

Epic by Sandro and Quintino

Epic” is pure Ghost Production it is an official release of Sandro Silva and Quintino. It is produced by Silva, Quintino, and ghost produced by Maarten Vorwerk. The track released in 2011, 3 October. Epic is the first Big Room House track. The single reached the top in The Netherlands by reaching the top chart of Dutch Top 40 and the Mega Single Top 100.

Wakanda by DVLM

It is another ghost production of Vorwerk. The official release of Belgian DJ and record producer duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. They released their first compilation album in 2014. Wakanda is produced by Dimitri Vegas Like Mike and ghost produced by Marteen Vorwerk. The track is similar to African beats. Wakanda is more like hardstyle with an African twist.

Stampede and Tsunami by DVBBS and Borgeous

There are rumors that this original track is a masterpiece of famous producer Vorwerk. Vorwerk reveals that he is the ghost producer of some top tracks but refuses to name them. “Stampede” official releasing date is November 18th through Spinnin Records on Beatport worldwide!

Maarten Vorwerk produced EPIC, Wakanda, and Stampede

There are rumors that all these three songs, Epic by Sandro and Quintino, Wakanda by DVLM and Stampede, Tsunami by DVBBS and Borgeous is ghost work of Vorwerk. However, Vorwerk has denied taking the ghost production credits. but people have discovered that the tracks are originally produced by Maarten himself. 

Apollo by Hardwell

Apollo” is a song by Dutch DJ Hardwell. It features a singer, Amba Shepherd. But as per the news, Porter Robinson is the ghost producer of track Apollo. Hardwell has been very open about ghost producers and his projects, though he never mentioned he himself uses ghost production. If you listen to the track carefully you will come to know that the track has a very similar to Porter Robinson style. But there is still no solid proof that the track is produced by Porter Robinson.


Tijs Michiel Verwest is also well known as Tiesto. Tiesto is a Dutch DJ and record producer from BredaThe Grammy-winning artists have undoubtedly changed the outlook of people towards EDM. But very few people know that behind his award-winning tracks there is a ghost producer. His name is Dennis Waakop. Dennis has also written several of Tiesto’s hits including Feel It In My Bones, Escape Me and I Will Be Here.

David Guetta

Titanium” is one of the ghosts produced song. It is a song by French DJ and music producer David Guetta. Featuring vocals by Australian recording artist Sia. officially the song was written by Sia, David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort and Afrojack. Titanium by David Guetta is originally a ghost produced by Afrojack. Afrojack said that he didn’t want to reveal his name because he feared that his fans would not approve of his ghost production involvement in David Guetta’s track. 

DVBBS had released leaked photos of a contract between DVBBS and Maarten Vorwerk. Electrokill mentioned in the contract about very two famous tracks ‘Stampede’ and ‘Tsunami’ by DVBBS and Borgeous featuring DVLM which was originally produced by Maarten Vorwerk. It’s a growing industry with plenty of ghost producers working on one single track. It’s hard to conclude anything. But nowadays ghost production is acceptable as far as good music keeps coming in.

Closing Thoughts

The most important point from the above given example is ghost production is beneficial for both the ghost producers and the DJ who paid for the job. People usually don’t accept someone who uses ghost producers.
But the industry is aware and accepting the existence of ghost producers for a long time.

In terms of producers, it eventually helps them to grow financially as well as get paid for what they love to do. But it becomes very hectic and unhappy for those who are producing and working in another field as a part-time employee.

Ghost producing helps the producer to become a popular DJ and also boost the production quality of the producer. When someone chooses to work as a ghost producer he/she has to work on multiple genres as per the request of the client. Which helps them to learn more about other styles and genres deeply.

Most of the record label teams always try to find out the original ghost producers behind a ghost production track. This makes a great deal for producers than the producing track amount.

This is also beneficial and used by established names and popular DJs. It helps them in the term of concentrating more on the tour and showing more creativity in their performing playlist. With the airtight contract, it becomes almost impossible for others and fans to know about the ghost production truth.

In terms of fees, a ghost producer gets a fair amount for the work. It’s kind of helping a large number of producers for their future investment. Without this, a large number of producers would have given up on their dreams due to financial issues. That’s the reason it is very unusual to reject the ghost production presence.

Expect all this there are also so many facts to being a successful artist or a DJ. Including producing music, mixing, mastering, and promoting it in the right way. So it is very general for someone to seek some of the talents from others for help.

The fact is if someone goes in a little depth. They will see that ghost production and ghost producers are accepted by many. But it still needs to be admired and should be accepted with equality and justice.


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