Where Do EDM Producers Find Vocals For Their Tracks?
Where Do EDM Producers Find Vocals For Their Tracks?
by on 21.06.2018
Vocals in any set of tracks give shape and emotion to the music. It makes the track a whole package. There are a lot of people out who want to pursue singing as a profession. These people often send their pieces to big artists hoping to get featured. EDM producers are always looking for new voices. So these vocals are sent to them as demos. People send their raw or finished mixes to their favourite artists. This gives the vocalist to try their hand in a bigger area for a bigger group of audience. Also, the producers get new vocalists for their tracks.
To launch music one requires a big label and lot of marketing. Newbies do not have proper sources or the funding. Hence, they send their work to other artists who might want to use their vocals.
For example in Martin Garrix and Moti’s song “Virus (How About You Now)” the vocal was first used in an unreleased Headhunterz and Wildstylez collab but was then sent to Martin Garrix. This is most likely because the Headhunterz and Wildstylez track was not going to be released so the label sent it to Martin Garrix to use. Most DJ’s and Producers create an instrumental first and add vocals later.
Apart from that, EDM producers prefer collaborating with other vocalists and singers. In the case of Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” they collaborated with John Martin a good friend of theirs from Stockholm.
Also, these days there are plenty of websites where people aspiring to be vocalists post their work to be randomly picked by some big label or any big EDM producer.

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