Which EDM producers use ghost production?
Which EDM producers use ghost production?
by on 23.06.2018
Which EDM producers use ghost production?
Ghost Production refers to a slot of music which is created by an artist or a group of artists who will not be credited. The produced music is sold or distributed under another artist’s or musician’s name. It’s a business arrangement wherein the music producers compose a track for another artist who releases it under his/her own name. In return, ghost producers receive an income in the form of either royalty payments or a flat fee for their work.
The big-time question in this field is that, is it ethical for DJs to perform somebody else’s track under their name? And why do DJs need ghost producers? Some people think it is wrong on a DJs part to use somebody else’s music and not giving them the credits. But there are certain valid reasons and explanation. The primary explanation for the same is that DJs usually don’t find enough time to work on their tracks by themselves. Hence, they hire producers to help them.
There are some very popular DJs who have been using ghost production and their fans have been living it. Below mentioned are some:
·        DVBBS: Earlier a contract went viral which showed a deal between the popular ghost producer Marteen Vorwerk and DVBBS. As per that       contract, Marteen produced the two famous tracks, Stampede and Tsunami for DVBBS. Later, it was discovered that these tracks were topping the chart.
·        Steve Aoki: There have been rumours about the artist hiring ghost producers. There haven’t be pure proofs for the same neither the artist has ever had a word about it out loud.
·        Hannah Wants: Back in 2016 Hannah Wants had fallen victim to a scandal about plagiarism. Her music ‘Found The Ground’ was accused of being copied when a similar video realised in 2013 went viral. Fans noticed that Hannah’s music had approximately same beats as the track Mercy released in 2013 by Boddika/Joy Orbison.
·        Milli Vanilli : Long back a controversary was confirmed about Milli Vanilli using Frank Farian’s voice. After Frank confirmed the same to the press, Milli Vanilli had their 1990 Grammy Award for Best New Artist withdrawn.
·        Tiesto: A while ago Mat Zo took it to Twitter to express his grievance about Tiesto hiring ghost producers. He quoted ‘ @tiesto once said to me “those trance guys are a bunch of old losers” maybe cus they stuck with their passion and didn’t go chasing pussy.
·        The Stafford Brothers: Grant took it to Facebook accusing that artists like Stafford Brothers use ghost producers and use excuses to justify that rather than accepting the real talent. After a huge chaos on the social media for 3 hours, Grant was warned by Australian agency that legal agency will be taken against him if he keeps dropping names.
·        DVLM: The duo was accused of ghost production for a very long time. But they decided to speak about it and they accepted that they have been working with Marteen Vorwerk. They stated that though he is not the performing artist but he’sbeen credited in the label copy.
·        David Guetta: Guetta’s name was added in this list when Afrojack admitted that he had ghost produced the chart topping track Titanium for him.
·        KSHMR: An anonymous source has provided an official Recording Agreement between Borgeous and Deep Dish Inc, a company of which   KSHMR is the president, as well as an amendment to the agreement that allows Borgeous to sign with Spinnin’ Records and disallows KSHMR from receiving any credit on recordings released under Borgeous’ name … otherwise known as ghost production.
According to the observation and outsourced by news, these artists use ghost producers.
Ghost Production is a fair and legal business. Due to the hectic schedule and the vivid lifestyle, it becomes difficult for the DJs to constantly keep working on new tracks as well as fulfil the other commitments. However, in defence of these artists their managers have claimed that the ghost producers have only added in finishing touches.
Description: There are many popular DJs who use ghost producers. There are multiple reasons they hire producers for. But that does not make the DJs unethical or any less talented. A little help never harms anyone.
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