Why Do EDM Ghost Producers Ghost Produce Instead Of Releasing Music Under Their Own Name?
Why Do EDM Ghost Producers Ghost Produce Instead Of Releasing Music Under Their Own Name?
by on 23.06.2018

Why do EDM ghost producers ghost produce instead of releasing music under their own name?

There are many facets to answer this question “Why do EDM producers ghost produce?”. One of them is that not all producers who compose music are looking for fame. For some people, they like to limit themselves within the walls of their studio. Not all ghost producers want fame. Not also every skilled person desire to have the spotlight.

Another reason could be that. For selling a music one not just requires talent but a brand is also an essential factor. The number of DJs that can command 5-figure booking fees, across any electronic music genre is probably in the like low hundreds. Producing music is one thing but to sell it a brand is to be built. Brands are built through marketing, advertising, networking, distribution, etc.

If a producer can knock out a track a week at $500 a pop. That’s $25K a year of padding on top of a day job. To earn that as a DJ, one will have to be able to command a $1K+ booking fee every other week. This incurs a lot of traveling Even with flights and most expenses covered by promoters, touring is an expensive and also draining lifestyle (never at home, eating at restaurants, taking cabs, etc.) Extremely few people can pull off such a hectic lifestyle and also produce their music solo.

It’s all about preference. There be instances that people with the same talent in a similar field might have different mindsets and goals. All of this just comes down to one conclusion that the ultimate motive is, to give good music to the audience.

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