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5 Solid Reasons Why Musicians Fail?

root | April 10, 2020
5 common reason why musician fails

5 Solid Reasons Why Musicians Fail?

When someone starts music production, it goes very interesting with the starting point, Getting a DAW then downloading some drum kits, and Learning from youtube tutorials makes things very interesting and easy to learn.

Then at one stage producers start thinking that creating your own brand and maintaining it is what will help them to become very successful in the music industry.

Besides this many producers believe that they will be on the top of the game when they will overcome the technical aspects of their instrument.

Yes, it’s right, believing in yourself is a very important factor to be successful in any industry. But overconfidence can really hurt you in a long race. The competition is very high and overcoming the brand and technical aspects of the instruments is not a big deal.

Overconfidence has destroyed many producers. As an artist, I have seen many producers who are not successful in a music career. Because of overconfidence about what they know. This is one of the major problems with day to day producers and artists which contribute to their failure.

Chasing the wrong things, being relaxed on what they have learned and never trying to find something new is also a part of failer.

1. Waiting for the right time

Waiting for a perfect time? Or expect life to hit with for big moments that never come? stop waiting. Be a goal-getters. If you have something in your mind which is ready then don’t wait for the right time. Do it as soon as possible.

As for an example I have seen many producers who are doing really well in production. But they wait for the record label to offer them a deal. Or wait for someone to collaborate? I just want to ask them why? If you trust in your work and you know it’s going to get big. Then you shouldn’t bother about the label name or someone else to collaborate.

An artist who is goal-getter they never wait for the right time or for the right label. They will keep improving their talent and share it with others to get reviews and update issues until they are satisfied with it.

2. Use your talent

Talent is something that will help you to understand things quickly. Use your talent to boost your knowledge.

I have seen many producers who are really willing to give their best but they get stuck somewhere in the middle. While others are afraid to even try because they don’t know how things will go for them

I think getting stuck is better than not even starting things. Don’t be afraid if you like something doing then you can at least give a try. Even if you get stuck somewhere in the middle there always get a way to overcome the problems

I have seen many talented producers who are not successful while the less talented have made their way, this is because they practice more. Everything depends on how much you practice each day. Use your talent to boost your knowledge.

Don’t ever think that your talent will pave way for you on its own. There are different procedures for different things that will lead you to become a successful artist. Example Songwriting, recording, marketing, and performing all have different procedures. So use your talent to boost your knowledge in every field. This is lead you to become more successful in your music career.

3. Effortless work

Before starting something you should understand it properly. I have seen many producers who are working day and night to become a successful artist but they still find them on the same spot after years of hard work.

Perhaps they are just wasting time on wrong things or maybe there mind is not smart enough to understand the right things.

How can an artist save effortless efforts?

First of all, it is very important to survey whatever you are starting. Check how others are working on it and how many are successful in that thing. Following a successful person’s path is always beneficial. Don’t copy everything also be creative, just try not to waste time on effortless things.

Learn how the music market works, When to take a perfect step. Make a proper plan on what to don and follow the plans which will bring positive results.

4. Make followers

This is a very important part of an artist or a musician. A great fan base or friend base can help you to achieve what you want. Sharing is caring but for sharing your work you need to have a fan base.

Building a relationship is a fundamental thing in a music career. Do whatever it is possible for you to make your fans happy. Example update your social media regularly, ask questions or help them for answering their questions. and many other things that will help you to make them your followers.

5. Uniqueness

When you don’t have a brand as an artist, you will soon become irrelevant instead of putting more effort to create a good sound that will stand as a dignitary of their personality, many will create a sound that sound familiar to a sound that has been created by a known artist and in no time, the sound will become irrelevant in the ears of the audience.

Uniqueness in your track sounds or your track style or in any other thing which will help you to get more attention than others. This day everybody is copying each other which makes them no special. To be special be creative try to do something unique.

There are many reasons why some artists fail. These are just a few top 5 solid reasons why musicians fail. Don’t ever give up keep trying your best you will definitely become a successful artist if you follow the right things and execute it in the right way.

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