Wolfgang Gartner Comeback with Aero Chord Collab “Borneo”
Wolfgang Gartner Comeback with Aero Chord Collab “Borneo”
by on 10.04.2017

Joseph Youngman – better known as Wolfgang Gartner – is back once more with one amongst his heaviest singles so far. though he’s widely celebrated for his staple electro house singles within the earlier a part of the 2010s (releasing extremely booming collaborations with Skrillex, deadmau5 and Tiësto), his sound took a serious flip following drastic health issues in 2015. Once totally recovered, Youngman released his extremely various sophomore album, 10 ways in which to Steal home, that saw him taking his 1st tiny steps into trap music.

In a bold move, Wolfgang Gartner has collaborated with Monstercat‘s biggest resident trap producer Aero Chord for his newest release “Borneo.” impressively, the track sounds nothing even remotely like Youngman has wiped out the past, with the exception to its acquainted vocal chops (seen on songs like “Channel 42” and “Piranha”).

Simply put, this track goes hard. Its percussion-heavy breaks and jungle sounds create “Borneo” sound sort of a distant cousin to Aero Chord’s previous single “Resistance,” that isn’t in the least a nasty factor. lost from repetition, Aero Chord and Wolfgang Gartner switch things up around every possible corner, which is able to impress listeners a lot of and a lot of because the track plays out. You don’t wish to miss this one!

Listen to “Borneo” and download the track below:

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