We love music and that is what inspires us every day to show more creativity. YourGhostProducers is a platform. Where we showcase the talent of the hidden underground EDM ghost producer. Of electronic dance music in front of the world. Our EDM ghost producer service helps the artist/clients to save time and focus on live gigs and also other activities. Our purchased tracks are every day being played on big music festivals, radio stations and also by famous DJs in their podcasts. This is what satisfies us in every mode and helps us to keep ghost producing. Go through with our ready ghost produced songs catalog and purchase tracks. You can also check our ghost production news blogs. Or just order a custom ghost produce tracks for your DJ career. Our motive is to support the DJs and also get them into the top spot.

EDM Ghost Producer

Producing an original track or a remix track from scratch and also giving you the best quality output can help you to win DJ contests and Sign a Record label. Our services can also help you with mixing and mastering. Creating DJ intro sets and creating the best melodies for your tracks. Custom production and co-production are also a part of our service.

Promotion Services For DJs

Big success is an effort put piece by piece which becomes possible with a little aid and talent. You can build your DJ career by choosing the right platform for yourself. Exposure and guidance play an important role when you have big goals. With our promotion packages, you can reach your audience/fans in the easiest way.

Our EDM Ghost Producer Platform

Our platform is an ultimate destination both for buying and selling High-Quality EDM Ghost produced tracks. At the Cheapest rates. If you are a producer and want to sell your track online. You can submit your produced tracks simply by filling our track submission form and submit your track. Our Team will review your submission and gets back to you once the track is featured on our platform.

How we work

A ghost producer is the complete anonymous professionals. Hired by EDM Artists or by DJ's. To create their original tracks, Remixes, Mashup's and also bootlegs. When EDM Artist/DJ's don't have the time to produce their original tracks. They essentially use ghost production service to buy the track and rights to release it as an original Track. We provide air-tight contracts between the EDM Artists/DJs with us which prevents identifying the anonymous. In today's modern dilemma of Electronic Dance Music. Most of the Artist/DJ's hire this kind of service for their tracks. And release the track on record labels as their original tracks.

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