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The #1 EDM Ghost producer Platform for buyers and sellers. In other words, we have the top ghost producer team from across the world. However, our ghost production service can make your dream come true.

Go through with our biggest songs catalog and purchase your favorite one.

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What is a Ghost Producer

EDM ghost producer is completely anonymous professionals, Who are hired by EDM Artists/DJ’s to create their original tracks, remixes, Mashup’s and also bootlegs, who eventually buy the rights of that creator’s work to release it as an original track… Read more about ghost producer

EDM Ghost Producing service

Ghost Producing an original track or a remix track from scratch and also giving you the best quality output can help you to win a DJ contest and after that, Signing a Record label. Our services can also help you with mixing, mastering, creating DJ intro sets, and also creating the best melodies for your tracks. Custom production and co-production are also a part of our ghost production service.

The perfect platform for buyers and sellers

Our platform is an ultimate destination both for buying and also for selling High-Quality EDM tracks. However, If you are a producer and want to start a ghost producing. You can also submit your produced tracks simply by filling our track submission form and submit your track. Our team review all the submissions and also strictly analyze it. After that, if it fits our standards you will receive the response from our team.

How we work

A ghost producer is the complete anonymous professionals. Hired by EDM Artists or by DJ’s. To ghost produce their original tracks, Remixes, Mashup’s and also bootlegs. When EDM Artist/DJ’s don’t have the time to produce their original tracks. They essentially use Ghost production service to buy the track and rights to release it as an original Track.

We provide air-tight contracts between the EDM Artists and also DJs which prevents identifying the anonymous. In today’s modern dilemma of Electronic Dance Music. Most of the Artist/DJ’s hire EDM ghost producers for ghost production. And release the track on record labels as their original tracks.

Question – Answer

Whats is the process of purchasing the EDM Ghost Produced tracks?

Here is the process of buying a ghost produced track from our platform.

  1. Firstly, go to our ghost producer shop page. Listen to the tracks which are available in the store.
  2. Secondly, choose the best one which fits you and press add to cart button which is visible on the track.
  3. However, after successfully adding your favorite tracks click the cart option which is visible on the upper right side corner, and proceed to the payment page.
  4. Define what type of payment you want to use (via Paypal, credit card, or debit card) and after that make the purchase.
  5. Once the payment is successful you will get a mail on your email regarding the track files and contract file.
Usually, on which DAWs the production is done?

In most cases, the tracks we receive are from FL-Studio and also from Logic Pro.

But there are many other ghost producers who do the ghost production on Ableton, Cubebase, and Neondo.

While for the custom tracks buyer can choose any DAW as per their preference.

What kind of benefits I will receive after signing the purchased track contract file?

We give a 100% legal contract. However, with this contract, you will get 100% rights to release the track under your name. You can also sign a record label with the purchased music or submit this for any music competition and win the competition and get prizes.

Above all with the purchase, you can sell tracks on digital platforms and take 100% royalties from it and no one will ever know the original producer behind your music, Or no one will ever ask you to share the profit from your purchased ghost produced track.

After getting signed to the contract you can also share this track with the YouTube channels and get fame and get popular in your city or globally.

This airtight contract will protect the track anonymity and also get you the 100% rights on your purchase.

What is the quality standards ghost production ready made track price?

All tracks on our platform are available in full length. Each and every track undergoes for quality check by our team and also strictly followed the quality guidelines.

The track we get in submissions undergoes with our quality check. Like waveform dynamic check, mixing mastering soundcheck, and also vocal analyzing process check plus many other professional checks take place.

After the overall analyzing process if the track meets our standards then only we approve and put it for sale.

What is the standard ghost production ready made track price?

Our standard ghost production ready-made track price starts from as low as $99.

We also usually give a discount coupon code on tracks that are above the standard price. However, you can contact us with the track name for the discount offer.

What files are included in the final purchase?

After purchasing the track you will receive an email with the details of your files.

You will receive all files including,

  1. Track in mastered and also in unmastered version
  2. Stem Files in .wav extension
  3. Midi files
  4. Contract file to get you 100% Rights
  5. Project file only if it’s available, For the project file please contact us to confirm before purchasing.
How often a ghost produce track is sold?

It totally depends on the week or a month or sometimes also a day. Sometimes we sell 10 to 70 tracks-product in a week. Sometimes the same amount of products are also get sold in a month. While sometimes on holidays we sell the same amount of products in just a few days.

There is no perfect answer to this question but our tracks 100% satisfy our buyers. This is what makes us happy.

Do you also have custom track service?

Yes, We do have a custom track service. However, our ghost producer team can produce a custom track in any genre. The EDM Genres we support are Progressive House, Big Room, Future House, Future Bass, Deep House, Techno, Hardstyle, Dubstep, Chill Out, Psy Trance, Tropical House, and also many more.

Our ghost producers also do the ghost production of Mashup, Remix, and incomplete tracks.

To know more about our custom service contact us or if you have any questions you can also check our FAQ section.

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